Flavored Water…Simple and Inexpensive!

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An easy way to drink more water…Get a container, preferably a large one with a lid.  (The one pictured is a 56 oz. bottle). Fill up the container with good clean water.  (I say that because not all water is created equal!)  I don’t always; but drop a tea bag in, any flavor; this one happens to be a passion tea by TAZO.  And sip away.  I will drink one to two of these bottles a day.  And that doesn’t count the hot teas or a cup of coffee I may have throughout the day.

Water is so important for the body.  Did you know that hunger pains you feel could also be a sign of needing to be hydrated?  Water is necessary for many functions of the body; for proper elimination, for great skin, for energy (yep, feelings of sluggishness can be a sign of needing more water). So go grab a bottle and sip throughout your day.  Make it into a game.  My sister-in law and I will text each other back and fourth….”Drank another glass!”  It makes it silly fun 😉

That’s my version of flavored water.  Simple and inexpensive!

What do you do to help you drink more water?

Here’s to Awesome Health,  Koko❀

22 thoughts on “Flavored Water…Simple and Inexpensive!

  1. Hey Koko! Clean drinking water is medicine in itself! So true! I started water therapy last August and have seen really good effects on my body! Today, I drink around 3.5 ltrs to 4 ltrs of water 🙂

    • There was a time drinking water was difficult for me. Made me sick, if that makes sense. So I started squeezing lemon juice in it and that helped a ton. I still like my water to have a hint of something. Makes drinking more than 100 oz easier 🙂

  2. This is a good idea. I’ve been contemplating the Lemon peel , mint etc. I’m so bad with drinking water while at work. Usually I end up setting reminders on my calendar to sip water.

  3. This is great, I have a half a litre bottle in my office and home, I always bring them with me to drink enough water. But I never tried putting a tea bag in, I squeeze lemons and oranges in..

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