Moth Factoids

Spotted this moth just outside my door. This moth was about 2 inches long. Beautiful in the real!


Moth Facts; Did you know?….

There are over 11,000 species of moths in the United States. That’s more than all the mammals and bird species in N. America alone!  Throughout the world; more than 160,000, more than 10 times the amount of butterfly species.

Moths are great disguisers! Evolution has taught some to mimic insects so that they are less likely to get eaten; such as, a wasp or praying mantis.  Some look like bird droppings; ewww.  I guess whatever it takes to be safe!

Moths pollinate plants.  And some like the humming-bird moth will feed on nectar from plants like verbenas and honeysuckles.

While the humming-bird moth will eat nectar most adult moths don’t eat at all.  The Luna moth doesn’t even have a mouth!

Many moths are hairy to help them maintain body temperatures; which is a must to fly.

Moths find their way by the moon and available stars.

The smallest moth has a wing span of 2-2.5 millimeters.

The Atlas moth, Hercules moth, and the Great Owlet moth are the largest in the world if you are counting their wingspans which can measure around 11-12 inches.  That would be amazing to see in person!

Many moths fly during the day.  You many not notice because they are colorful like their relative the butterfly.

It is not powder you see on your hand after touching a moth but thousands of tiny hair and scales.

Female moths lay between 60-300 eggs.

Have a wonderful day.  I’m heading out to play in dirt and if I’m lucky I will get to spot some other interesting creatures.  Peace, Koko 😉




2 thoughts on “Moth Factoids

  1. Moth is one of my favorite animals. 😀
    Some traditional Indonesians call this insect as the “night butterfly”. They believe that they are nocturnal spirits, the bringer of dreams and the singer of nature’s lullaby.

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