Sexy, Sculpted Legs!

Ways to sneak in exercise throughout your day without much effort…tip number (9)

Folding laundry can be boring and for those of you that know me, know I like to make a lot out of each moment, so here’s a great exercise that will keep your legs toned and sculpted while you fold piles and piles of laundry…

Standing lateral leg lift.

Stand tall.  Pull in tummy (Always pull in those abs. Helps protect the low back.).  And simply raise leg out to the side.  I like to tighten the muscles in the leg with each lift.  Again, I go from one leg to the other so I don’t have to count repetitions.  This exercise is a great way to strengthen the tissue around the pelvic joint, hip flexors, and those pesky saddlebags!

Of course you can do this while brushing your teeth, watching t.v., talking on the phone…Point is to get up; get moving.  Come on, you can do this.  Sexy, sculpted legs are yours for the taking!

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4 thoughts on “Sexy, Sculpted Legs!

  1. Don’t even mention it. I hate folding laundry and when I do, I sit down on an easy chair and complain and lament until I finish. I think my best bet for this exercise would be when I am cooking and waiting for onions to sauté or things to simmer. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting my blog!

    • Hahaha…I know! There’s a list of chores I do not like which is why I started the exercise routines. If I was going to do something I didn’t like, I wanted to get something out of it. If I sit and think about it too much, I find myself grrrr’ing about it. While sauteing onions is the perfect time! 😉 Thank you too for checking my blog out. Have an awesome day!

      • I think it does make sense. Instead of sitting in the chair lamenting, I should get something out of it. Next time, I shall remember that. Thanks!

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