Convenient Hall Shelf…Where did I put my keys?

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Simple shelf anyone can incorporate into any space.

In my front door entry way there is a long hall that leads into the kitchen.  There is a 1/2 bathroom on the left side of this hall and on the right there is a small closet and stairway leading up to the bedrooms, game room, bathrooms, etc.

The space is to narrow for a cabinet, and even if I were to make one, there is an air conditioning and heating vent that cannot be blocked.  I thought about making a thin table, but I was concerned if I made one too narrow, it could easily be knocked over.  (kitties, doggies, and wild adults live here!)

This is what I came up with.

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The countersunk screws are just above the orange dots you see in pic. 2nd pic you can see the countersunk screws; I used 3.

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Great spot for sunglasses and glasses alike! Keys too! A candle? 😀

This project was super simple.  A 2×4 and a 1×6 (which we all know that lumber is never true to the size. The sign clearly says 1×6…but actually it’s 1×5 1/2.) If it’s a 1×6 then it should measure exactly 1×6. Oh well…Let’s move on.  I cut both boards equally the length I needed for the space.  I wanted it sturdy which is why I used the 2×4 as the “base”.  I countersunk the screws in both top board and bottom board.  Basically I screwed the 2×4 to the wall (They are into studs in the wall. If not, your shelf will wobble and may fall down eventually.)  I then screwed the 1×6 into the 2×4.  See… simple! The project took about 20 minutes, counting cutting the boards.  I then stained it the same color I stained the hardwood floors upstairs that I laid last year. (I will show you pictures of that project another time.)

If you have a challenging space that just needs a shelf, give this one a try.  You can also use a wider top board such as a 1×8.

Remember to find studs in your wall to drill into. They do make these (see picture below) cool wall anchors, but I wouldn’t use them for an entire length of shelf.

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I bought these on a whim, not sure if i’d use them…guess what? Very handy these guys are! 😛

It could work if you found two studs to anchor shelf into and if you need one more hold, then these wall anchors can do the job.  I try to always have at least two screws into wall studs; depends on how long the space is and how much weight you will put on it.  *Never use these wall anchors in the ceiling! One thing to have a shelf fall, but not something from above! Find studs! Have I made my point 😉 ?

Also remember my previous post…an organized home is a happy one.  Shelves can really help you in that department.  This would be great in a closet or awkward space too!

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