Take Care of Ones Own Garbage.

Take care of ones own garbage.

With landfills filling up at astronomical rates, does anyone wonder what will happen next once it’s filled? Do we pollute our oceans by tossing cubes of garbage in hopes that our fish will learn to like to eat cans, paper, and various “garbagie” things? Will we send our garbage out in space? Why not? We won’t see it. But what if we inhabit space one day? Will our views be seas of crumbled wastes floating haphazardly by?

I am most certainly not perfect in this department, though I do think about what I throw away. I agree with recycling. Why don’t our cities have three waste cans; one for green waste, one for plastic and paper, and one for things you can’t put in the other two? When I lived on the west coast, this was how it was done. It was great. The city used the green waste to make mulch and they recycled the “recycled” things. It may not be totally perfect but what a great start! When I moved to the south I noticed many differences. Trash was one of the main things that got to me. When this billing cycle runs out I will be discontinuing my trash service. In my home we already compost all our food waste and paper. When I mow the lawn it goes back into mother earth. I collect the grass once the compost bin gets low to make more mulch and I also use the newly cut grass as mulch in certain areas in my yard that doesn’t mind the “burn”. Branches that fall off the trees on the property get collected/saved for when we do out-door fires (smores and other roasting fun). We take our cardboard and plastic to a recycling center. Yep, it’s more effort and yes I wish they’d come to collect it since they are the one making the money off the paper and plastic people drop off at the centers. Old clothes get remade into things that can be turned into something else or simply donated. I make most of all “cleaner” type things such as counter top sprays, room sprays, bathtub powders, body lotions, etc. And by doing this (Well for me, it is better on my body, as in; I am not ingesting harmful chemicals through breathing or through my skin. For instance, my body lotion is safe enough that if I ate a spoonful I won’t die and I know what touches our skin invariably goes into our body.) By making most of my products I am cutting down on the amount of “bottled” “boxed” things I buy. And most of the things I do buy is in bulk, ie; my baking soda comes in a 13.5 lbs bag. I don’t buy bottled water; I reuse a glass one. I grow a garden. I do wish I could have animals as I would love to have a milking goat. I am also careful of what I do buy; do we really need another???   Bottom line;  I try and continue to try and look for ways to help out this earth. Does my difference help? Does it matter? Well, it makes a difference to me. It matters to me. I am not perfect, but I try, and I do my best.

Recycle where you can. Conserve where you can. Perhaps if we all did a little something, that will be the difference and that does matter. Peace, Koko