Crunchy Gold! I just found the most awesome chip.

30 years this chip company has been in business and this is the first I’ve heard of them.  Well I guess it’s never too late!

All natural. Gluten free.  No soy. Low sodium…made from stone ground yellow corn, sunflower oil or corn oil, sea salt, water, trace of lime, (Ingredient list taken straight from the bag!)  The best part is, drum roll please…NO GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms).  Isn’t that great news?  I am not a huge fan of GMO’s and I look for that NOT to be in any foods I consume.

This chip means business.  It’s a sturdy chip; not too hard though.  I’d say, “Just right.”  It will stand up to any dip.  You can make nacho’s with this chip and not fear that your toppings or cheese will turn the chip to mush.

RW Garcia not only makes this fab-u-lous chip, but also makes, blue tortilla chips, Thai sweet and spicy tortilla chips, flaxseed tortilla chips and veggie chips.  I am truly excited about trying all of them out.  Again, anything with no GMO makes me a very happy girl.  The Classic Yellow Corn chip has made it to my gotta-have-it list.

Their website is  Lots to read about.  Check them out and if you come across this chip, give it a try!

Yummy Goldness!

Yummy Goldness!