Bugs, bugs, go away!

I’m outdoors a lot.  Blue skies draw me out.  Gray skies draw me out.  The rain, well of course I have to dance in it!  There’s only one negative to outside, and that is bugs.  Bugs equals bites.  For those of you who know me, know bugs are attracted to me.

I have trouble, especially, this time of year,  finding my bug spray, as everyone else is using it, and putting it wherever they used it last.  Luckily I can go to my apothecary cabinet and quickly mix up something in the palm of my hand and rub away.  Note to self; make more bug-go-away spray bottles, and place at each door.

Here’s one of the many sprays I make.  Stay following me, as I will have many to share with you.  Enjoy!

16 oz – spray bottle

12 oz – distilled water

1 teaspoon – Vegetable glycerin (optional)

1 teaspoon – Carrier oil (almond oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, avocado oil, sesame oil.  I use what I have on hand.  I’m not allergic to any oils so that makes it easy.  I’ve also made this with coconut oil; more like a balm)

60 drops – Essential oils; 15 drops of each: Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint, Clove  (Experiment and use what works for you.  This is just what I do.  I’ve made many combinations with many oils.)

Shake before each use.

Depending on the size of the bottle, I adjust ingredients accordingly.  Also know that some essential oils mix with one’s skin differently.  As in, what works on one person may not work on another.  Experimenting is part of the fun.  I’ve used essential oils since I was a little girl, and have enjoyed all the fun of learning about them, and their wonderful scents, and what they can do for me, as well as what I’ve seen do for others.