I’m new to growing berries.  My neighbor generously offered me to come take some raspberry canes from her garden.  She has quite an orchard and needed to thin some plants out.  I happily wheeled my cart and shovels and set out to dig some up.  At first glance they looked like sticks just stuck into the ground.  They were very easy to dig up.  Her soil is soft from years and years of amending.  (We live in the land of clay!)  I am constantly dumping good stuff on my clay to make it garden worthy.  I got about 50 plants.  I decided to plant them along the wooden fence on the back side of what I call “my garden yard”.  The hard part was digging in the soil (remember, I live in the land of clay).  Raspberries need well-drained soil and clay is anything but well-drained.  Carting in “good soil” was a must.  Alas about two hours later, all plants were nicely tucked into their new home, but if they stretch real good they could wave to their raspberry friends over yonder about a thousand feet away.

The handfuls or more doesn’t usually make it inside, well not the house inside, but my tummy inside!  Not bad for my first crop.  I have lots to learn about growing them.  Any advice would be happily appreciated.