It’s grass cutting day here at Chateau Koko’s place!

Front of House 2 Front of House

Fresh cut grass. Clean edged lines. I mow my own lawn. And yes I enjoy it. I don’t see it so much as a chore but a time to reflect, soothe my thoughts, reenergize, get ideas. I get plenty of time for that, as it takes me about three hours to do most of the yard with a riding mower. I mow about every third day during this time of the year (I blame it on the rain). The grass grows crazy fast. I don’t have to break out the weed whipper every time, and I don’t always use the push mower, but I do log a ton of hours on that little beast. I laugh when I think about the riding mower because it gets more miles than my cute little sports car! Keep your fingers crossed for me that I get to buy the acres of land behind my house. If that happens you can be sure a mini horse will follow, and a couple of goats that will be dubbed Milli and Vanilli.