Get Fabulous Buns!

Ways to sneak in exercise throughout your day without much effort…tip number (7)

You brush your teeth everyday? Well hopefully…hehehe, This is what I do; I do leg lifts; called-standing reverse leg lifts or reverse leg raise (lifting that leg behind you). Great for the be-hind!  I don’t know about you but my butt can always use a lift and this is a great way to achieve that.  Stand tall and simply extend your leg behind you.  You know you are doing it right, when you feel the bottom of your glutes tighten.  What I do so I don’t have to count is I do one leg then the other.  So I do right leg for one rep then left leg for one rep and back and forth.  I do them until I am done brushing, about two minutes.  Need more of a challenge?  I will hold each rep up for one or two pumps, then I switch sides.  This I feel gets in the muscle deeper for a nice burn!  Give it a try and let me know what you think.  Easy to do while brushing teeth , washing dishes, watching t.v., waiting to flip those yummy burgers on the grill.  I do this while on computer too.  In fact, I’m doing them now!  Extra bonus: Not only is it fantastic for lifting the butt, it works low abs and low back.  Love that!

Burn Up Those Abs!

Ways to sneak in exercise throughout your day without much effort. (6)

Sit up tall and take in 4-5 deep cleansing breaths. Feel your spine elongating. Roll your shoulders back with each breath. Relax deeper into each breath. Now with your mouth closed take in quick breaths of air (you should feel your tummy extend a little). As you exhale fast through your nose, pull your abs in as if you are avoiding a sucker punch 😉 . You want to feel your abs tightening with each quick exhalation.

I don’t bother counting. I do em until the phone rings, the commercial is over, the tea-pot is ready, or until something grabs my attention. Mostly I do it until I feel a burn and then I try to do a few more past the burn. This is a great exercise to “wake you up”. Lift your spirits so to speak. It’s great for my abs as well as I can also feel it in my low back. It invigorates your whole core! Wake up people…there’s life to live!

Tips and ideas on how to stay fit through out our day…(5)

Does your job entail sitting at a desk for long periods at a time? If so, I really suggest you set a timer for 20 minutes; 30 the longest. You want to get up and move at least one time every 30 minutes. It isn’t good to sit in one place for longer than that. Get up, get your blood moving. Stand up and stretch. Reach up towards the ceiling and then bend at the waist and touch your toes; repeat 5 times. Do calf raises; two sets of 10 repetitions. Stretch up toward the ceiling and with right arm reach up and over to the left; repeat with other arm; do this stretch three times on each side. Take in long deep breaths.

Let’s help our bodies by constantly finding ways to move it. Too long at a desk/sitting can have detrimental effects on our health. Studies have shown people who sit for prolonged times have an increase in cardiovascular issues, diabetes, colon cancer, and even death! Sitting can also have an impact on knees, hip, and all over joint pain, not to leave out the back problems that can arise from too much sitting on your bottom.

So just get moving, keep on moving. If you can’t get a stand up desk at work, try to do as much as possible standing/moving. Talk on the phone while standing. Walk to a colleges office rather than sending email or text. And the very least, give yourself two minutes to stretch every thirty minutes. Use your breaks for walking; take the stairs, light calisthenics. You may find all this new movement will show a lighter you on the scale! Okay let’s take a stand! All rise! 😀

Tips and ideas on how to stay fit… (4)

Ways to sneak in exercise throughout your day without much effort.

Standing in line at the grocery store, bank, Target; anywhere? Do calf raises. Lift up onto ball and toes, up and down. Do them until you feel the burn–no need to count reps. Rest a few seconds and do them again. Great for calves and strengthening feet. I do them bare footed while doing dishes or cooking too!  If you can only sit; plant feet flat on the ground and then lift up on to balls of feet.  Add extra resistance by pressing down on thighs or add a couple of books on top of thighs. Give it a try!

Ways to sneak in exercise without much effort…(3)

Ready to watch that show you DVR’d?  While you sit (back straight), extend your legs out and flex your toes (point towards your body).  Tighten leg muscles and suck in your abs.  Hold for as long as you can.  Try lifting legs just an inch higher several times for however long, keeping legs extended, and really pull that tummy in!  Do as many as you can throughout your show!  Great shaper for legs and abs!  I have a counter next to my computer and I’m on my fifteenth set!  If I can do it you can do it!  Let’s stay in shape together!

I’m going to give you tons of exercise ideas while watching t.v.-or-sitting.  Stay tuned!

Ways to sneak in exercise without much effort…(2)

Waiting for your tea to steep?  Sneak in three sets of 25 countertop push ups. (My personal favorite.)  I’ve done as many as 100.  The next day sore, but oh so worth it.  Another challenge I like to do is push-off the countertop edge as I come up (push-off mid to end of the rep). Careful not to miss the counter as you come back down!  Give it try, and  then reward yourself with a nice cup of tea!

Ways to sneak in exercise throughout your day without much effort…(1)

On computer a lot?  Make your body move, burn calories, tone up those muscles, with not much of an effort; well at least your brain won’t think so, because while you are engaging your brain playing games, chatting with friends, reading my blog 🙂 , your body will be engaging in getting fit.  Give it a try. You may find you enjoy it.  And frankly, your body will thank you, and so will everyone watching you walk around in those cute jeans!  Here’s what you do: Find a tall surface like a bar, kitchen countertop, or a desk made for standing.  You don’t even need a tall surface.  As I am typing this; (I’m at my desk.)  I simply pushed my chair out of the way and am doing side to side leg lifts.  I don’t bother counting repetitions.  I go back and forth from leg to leg until the muscles burn and then I take about a twenty-second break and do it again.   As you surf the net you can be walking in place, doing squats, kick backs, or side to side leg lifts.  You can work more than just your legs; try bicep curls, triceps kick backs, shoulder raises, shoulder presses…the exercises you can do while you peruse the net is almost limitless.  So get off your butt and get moving.  If you need more hints on the exercises you can do, shoot me a comment, or just look out for more posts.  Here’s to being sneaky…sneaking in exercises, burning calories, getting fitter, feeling good! Wishing you great health! Koko

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No one likes a smelly yoga mat!

No one likes a smelly yoga mat.  This is a great in between spray.   If you use your yoga mat 3-5 times a week, consider taking it into the shower with you once a week (and especially if you take your mat outside the home).  I take mine into the shower, and give it a bath with a dollop of shampoo, then a vinegar rinse (I have a bottle of vinegar in the shower for my hair), and then hang dry.

For in between a good scrubbing…here’s the recipe…

Yoga Mat Spray:
3/4 cup water
1/4 cup vinegar
10 drops tea tree essential oil
5 drops of lavender essential oil
3 drops of orange essential oil
1 drop of geranium essential oil (optional—I just love the smell, so uplifting and calming at the same time. If you make your own facial oils/lotions, this is excellent for skin)

Put it all together in a bottle and shake with each use. Spray mat after each use and let dry.

Tip:  As you can see from the photo, what I like to do is save all spray bottles and nozzles.  I have a collection of them for quick use of any spray I might make.  So save em, wash and sanitize em, and you’ll always have em on hand.  Also from photo you will see a bottled water.  You can take a few sips out of it, and add the essential oils, and vinegar to it, and add nozzle.  (By the way, I do drink out of a glass water bottle all day.  And no I don’t buy bottled water, however if I am given one at an event or wherever I am at, I accept it with a smile.)

Do you have any tips for keeping yoga mats clean….please share! We all could benefit from helpful advice 😀


Stay Fit! A series of articles/tips on keeping in shape.


I get it; we are busy people.  It’s hard to get a workout in.  You have work inside the home, outside the home, and constant projects to do, and well, the list goes on.  Getting a half hour to ourselves to workout in these busy times can be difficult, try for an hour, impossible!  So I got to thinking, how can I get fit/stay fit when I’m so busy?  Well my friends, this is how I do it…

Tips and ideas on how to stay fit throughout your day.  Ways to sneak in exercise in between all that we do!  (I will be continuously posting on this subject.  Be sure to stop by often to check out the new tips.)

1. Breathing.  Ironic how something that directly affects our lives is often neglected, but one of the easiest things to fix.  It’s the most important exercise you can do, at least to me it is.  Most of us need to train our lungs.  We need to teach them to breathe correctly.  How’s your breathing now?  Is it short quick breaths?  Do you find yourself holding your breath?  Is your breath shallow?  Breathing is something we must do (derrr), and if we do it right, there are many benefits we can gain from it.  Better oxygen flow is the best reason.  Our bodies just work better with good oxygen flow.

Good diaphragm breathing is the key.  Lay on your back and breathe.  Put your hand on your chest/tummy, if you feel it going up and down, you are breathing correctly from your diaphragm.  If you are just filling the chest area; almost as if your shoulders move too, then you are only taking in air in the upper part of your lungs.  Good diaphragm breathing is utilizing your entire lung area.

Good breathing engages the lymphatic system.  This systems protects the body from infections, diseases, and bacteria.  (Three cheers for the lymphatic system, hooray-hooray-hooray!) The lymphatic system is an efficient trap.  It snares all the bad garbage the environment throws at us, ie. toxins; ewwww.  When we deep breathe, it signals the lymphatic system to do its job.  By carrying out good deep breathing techniques we are helping our system to “get to work”.

Another great reason for deep breathing is to help with stress.  Sometimes when we come across stressful situations, or times when we are especially anxious we take in shallow breaths which make us hyperventilate.  We subconsciously breathe in short quick breaths, when what we really need to do, is calm our inner self by deep breathing.  When you feel particularly anxious, stressed-out, or something is just ticking you off, take a moment and breathe.  Deep breathing will help you slow that out of control heartbeat and to focus so that your mind can unfog and you can regain your balance within yourself.

If you are feeling a bit sluggish, check your breathing.  Sometimes we don’t realize we are taking in shallow breaths, making us feel worn out.  Shallow breathing is as if you are starving your body from the fuel it needs to keep going.  Oxygen is like its gas.  So come on folks, give it some gas, no not the cruciferous kind, OXYGEN, in the form of good proper breathing techniques.

Take three minutes a day to practice good breathing techniques.  Try first thing in the morning before you get out of bed; that way you can feel your tummy move up and down and the burst of oxygen will give you the stamina to tackle your day!  Here’s to your health!