DIY: Make Your Own Eco Friendly Seed Pots

Hello all you AWESOMENESSES! (It is a word in the Koko dictionary!)

I want to share with you how I plant many of my seeds. The video below says it all, or you can scroll down through the pictures…

I’m pretty sure you can guess what this “special” container is…


This lovely container is…yes, you guessed it, the end of a toilet paper roll. It makes for an amazing plant container. Let me show you what I do!

What I like about using this as a container for seeds is, it’s re-usable, compostable, and practically free!


Start by crimping one end of the tube. You want to create a “bottom”. Keep on crimping until the tube is closed…


Like this! Once you get your container bottoms all made, you will need to put them in something to hold them all upright. I’ve used a plastic salad container, egg cartons, shoe boxes…Use your imagination! Most anything that will keep them upright will do.


To fill the container, I use a make-shift funnel made out of thick paper. The T.P. rolls are in a paper (cardboard) “gomacrobar” box. If you haven’t tried a gomacrobar…do it! So delicious! Oh and see that adorable cup? It’s designed by Molly Hatch. Aren’t the polka dots just the cutest?



Fill em up!


Don’t forget to label. Again why I like using the cardboard containers, you can simply scribble right on the tubes!


If you are planting in ceramic or other types of containers, you can make labels like the ones you see here. I just wrote on paper and taped them to a toothpick.


These labels are made from plastic knives and I used a sharpie.


   I couldn’t resist showing off one of my favorite bowls. My sister in-law made it! Isn’t it a beauty?


Like the cups says, “something good”…whether it’d be for yourself, (a nap, hot bath, a yummy drink) or for someone else, (catching up with an old friend, taking your mom out to lunch, donating towels and blankets to your local animal shelter)…whatever it is, make it something good!

Love and Peace, Koko

Tip: The theweeklyday asked a question and I wanted to share with you my answer. He was wondering how long they last indoors before the t.p. rolls fall apart. It really depends on the rolls and how you water them. They all are not created equal. However, if I have a “sad” roll (falling apart), I will take another roll and slice along the side and just “wrap” the “sad” roll. This method works really well to hold them together! Save the ends of paper towel rolls. Those are great for doing this with as you can cut them to size. But, you can do that with t.p. rolls too! Great question “theweeklyday”.


I’m new to growing berries.  My neighbor generously offered me to come take some raspberry canes from her garden.  She has quite an orchard and needed to thin some plants out.  I happily wheeled my cart and shovels and set out to dig some up.  At first glance they looked like sticks just stuck into the ground.  They were very easy to dig up.  Her soil is soft from years and years of amending.  (We live in the land of clay!)  I am constantly dumping good stuff on my clay to make it garden worthy.  I got about 50 plants.  I decided to plant them along the wooden fence on the back side of what I call “my garden yard”.  The hard part was digging in the soil (remember, I live in the land of clay).  Raspberries need well-drained soil and clay is anything but well-drained.  Carting in “good soil” was a must.  Alas about two hours later, all plants were nicely tucked into their new home, but if they stretch real good they could wave to their raspberry friends over yonder about a thousand feet away.

The handfuls or more doesn’t usually make it inside, well not the house inside, but my tummy inside!  Not bad for my first crop.  I have lots to learn about growing them.  Any advice would be happily appreciated.