Shoulder Press Exercise, Sneak Them In!

Are you especially chatty?  Talk a lot on the phone?  Here’s another great way to easily sneak in some exercises throughout your day. (Tip number 10!)

Shoulder Press is a great way to strengthen the deltoids, those muscles that cup around your shoulder.  You know the muscles at the top of your arm.  Toning those muscles will give your arms that sexy look when wearing a strapless or sleeveless top/shirt.

Talk on the phone hands free and while you are doing that, grab some light weights and do shoulder presses.  What’s that? Glad you asked.  Here goes; get a set of 3, 5,or 10 pound hand weights.  If you don’t have hand weights then go to your pantry and get a couple of soup cans.  (But really, invest in a set of proper hand weights. Heck, go ask a neighbor, chances are he/she will have a set in their basement collecting dust and will happily send them your way.)  You can also find some nice dumbbells on Amazon like these Reebok Speed Pac 25 Adjustable Dumbbell Pair which I own a set of.  I have vinyl dumbbells, as well as, solid hex dumbbells.  I do love the adjustable weights because of the simplicity; I can easily go from 10 pounds to 25 pounds with just shifting the plates.  Also it’s nice not having a lot of dumbbells lying around.

photo (58)
Vinyl dumbbell. Well loved as you can see.
photo (59)
Hex weights. They are called that because of the “hex” shaped ends. You can get these in increments from 2 pounds to over 100 pounds each!
photo (60)
Adjustable dumbbells. See the pin? It slides to adjust for weight increments. Very handy when doing trickle down sets.

Hold a weight in each hand. Bring hands to shoulder level. Palms facings forward.  Tighten arms and pull in that tummy!  Push the weights straight up towards the sky and back down in line with your shoulder.  That is one rep! Yay….now do that movement until your muscles start to burn.  Rest for a few seconds and do it again.  If your conversation runs long, hey take advantage of that and do other exercises we’ve talked about!  Get your workout in while chatting. How cool is that?  Make every day count and sneak in those exercises!  In a future post, I will have total body workouts you can do in under 20 minutes!

In fabulous health, Koko 😀