Self Imposed Time-Out!


I’m a bad, bad, putty-tat!

My little demon kitty, I mean my little angel…I caught her like this.  She must have done something that I have yet to find out about and decided she better put herself in time-out before I did!  It was too cute to pass up!

What funny thing does your little creature do?

Bronchitis…Pneumonia…Oh No!

The whole month of October flew out the window without much notice.  Days passed me by and I couldn’t tell you if it was Monday or Friday.  That time of year to “fall-back” with time change, and now, it’s November! What?!  Twilight zone just happened and I was cast right in the middle of a confusing episode!

I’ve been absent from the blogging world for some time.  Sadly, I’ve missed so many of my favorite bloggers posts.  Having moments here and there to read some of them has given me hope that all my days aren’t filled with coughing, fevers, aches, pains, nose blowing, and the sounds of the breathing machine whirling at what seems like a constant in the background, oh my!

My kid has been down with bronchitis and pneumonia for many weeks, poor thing.  Then my other one decides he can’t be left out and got it too!  I hear it’s going around the college campus and hundreds of kids have it!  Gah!!!!  They should have posted warnings that everyone should come to school with surgical masks or a diving helmet.  You know the kind the underwater divers wear? Or a giant bubble you can encase yourself in to protect yourself from the elements!  Seriously though, you can practice good washing habits and dress accordingly, but sometimes that just isn’t enough.

After weeks of caring for the family, I too got struck with some kind of bug.  It wasn’t a bad one, but then again, what is bad?  For me, I’d have to be almost dead on an emergency helicopter on the way to the closest hospital, before I call it bad.  I got the on and off fever and the nagging cough that wouldn’t allow me to sleep even a couple of hours through the night.  For a moment I thought I was going to have to turn in my “S” card (superwoman).  I was determined not to let it get the best of me. I powered down a ton of vitamin drinks and elixirs that could make one question my sanity.  I didn’t care.  I wasn’t going to let this bug turn into something Halloween dragged to my door.  After a few days of bewitching potions and concoctions I am proud to say my “S” card is safely tucked into the back pocket of my work jeans! Rawr! I told that bug where to go.  Okay, so my voice is still gone, but then again I never liked the sound of it much anyway.

So wash those hands, bundle up, and if all else fails and you catch it anyway…find the remote, have a good friend on speed dial and grab a huge thermos of something hot.

Miss you all and can’t wait to catch up! Hugs, Koko


Autumn is near…

Autumn is near, I can see it in the fall of the leaves.  I get excited as I arm myself with a rake.  Big piles of golden brown leaves almost as high as I am tall!  I gather them up eagerly as a squirrel gathers up his nuts.  Standing back I see mounds of happiness as it makes me wanna jump.  No one is watching.  I dive in!  I am a kid again.



Are you a fan of Autumn? What’s your favorite time of the year/why?

The Great Pleasure in Life…


“ The great pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do. ”
— Walter Bagehot

You go through life starting at a young age with restrictions people put on you.  You can’t do this or that because you are…too short, too tall, a boy, a girl, ….  But why can’t I…?  There were many struggles I had growing up.  I was too short, a girl, and really small for my age.  I was always the last one picked for a playground kickball game.  I was never the one anyone wanted to join in their circle of friends. I was the different looking one too which didn’t help.  I heard the, “You can’t…” speech over, and over, growing up.

One would think I would want my life differently, to be treated a different way, but not really.  It was in those days where I learned to be, well…me.  I was scared a lot, especially when kids at my school threatened to cut all my hair off (I had very long hair; almost half my height long).  When the threats turned to putting gum in it and then spitting on me, well it really made me sad.  Sad I was never accepted and sad that I could not do what they all said I couldn’t. I was too scared to try.  But again, I was glad for all of that….in a way.  😉

Now I try to do everything.  If I don’t know how, then I learn.  Of course there are still things I cannot do, like dunk a basketball, though I did play basketball in high school, yep, all five foot one inch! A goofy site I’m sure, but what fun I had.  I can’t reach things high on shelves, but I can climb like any nimble spider monkey can.

You can learn to do a lot of things. How do you know you can’t, if you don’t or aren’t given the chance to try?

Raising my own kids, those words never entered the picture.  They wanted to surf; we learned it.  They wanted to know more about animals; we got memberships to the aquarium and the zoo. They wanted to learn how to play instruments; we got the drums for my son and a guitar (my daughter sold her horse to buy it.  She was five at the time), and they taught themselves how to play.  When my daughter wanted to learn algebra, she got the C/D rom out and taught herself; I think she was in the third grade.  My son wanted to build a catapult to win a contest at school.  He built it and won!  Both kids are self teachers.  They want to learn something, they learn it.  The, “I can’t do___”, doesn’t enter their realm of thinking.

So you see, I don’t regret my experiences.  I would do them again in exactly the same way, because I’ve been able to help shape two human beings into the, “I CAN DO___”.  And that was worth every fear and challenge I went through.

By the way…I was just told, my niece, who is in her last year of high school, made the high school football team.  She is their starter kicker.  A girl, who is only five feet four inches, had the “I CAN DO___” attitude.

To all that is out there that think, “I can’t do___” because someone else says you can’t, think again.  Change those thoughts, make new friends, new acquaintances, and change who you are around, because you are the only restriction.  Be that little engine that could, (cute children’s story, “The Little Engine That Could”).  And don’t listen to negative people.

You can do!  Peace all, Koko

No More Kisses!

photo (79)

“Come on Mom, my friends are watching!”

I guess she wanted no part of loving. LOL…It’s incredible to me how much I’ve come to adore this furry little monster.  She’s comical at times, cheeky at best, and loving when only when it’s me and her. If one of her adopted siblings are around, she doesn’t dare snuggle.  She’s off in some hidden place as if to say, “I want mom to myself”.

Today is Monday.  Labor Day here in the United States.  Everyone is supposed to take the day off.  It also signals the end of BBQ season.  In fashion it’s the end of wearing light summer suits for men and the white pants for women.  It’s an interesting custom, one which I don’t practice.  I for one BBQ year round and if I want to wear white in the winter, so be it.

I am off to the market for BBQ things.  I don’t know if I have ever barbecued on Labor Day before.  It just happens the whole family is home and it’s such a beautiful day, grilling just makes sense.  So to you all out there, I hope your day is BBQ beautiful and you are out enjoying it…..Koko❀ ✿ ❁ ✾

A Proper Handshake…Just say no to the limp fish!

picstitch (4)

A nice, firm, proper handshake says you are pleased to meet someone, a genuine openness, and it exudes confidence.

A Proper Handshake…Just say no to the limp fish!

One form of etiquette that really bothers me is the “weak” hand shake.  Nothing like shaking hands with what I refer to as a limp fish.  The webbing of your hand (the part between the thumb and index finger) should meet up with the webbing of the person whom you are shaking hands with.  Come into the other persons hand smooth, and steady, until webbing touches webbing.  Then the hand closes around the other persons hand; a firm clasp, and then one pump or two.  Now that my friends is how you shake hands!

photo (71)

This is what happens when the other person grasps too soon. One person webbing touches the others fingers.

photo (68)

Finger tips handshake. Ack!

photo (73)

Only do this if you are going to kiss the other persons hand!

photo (72)

And here again, is how to do a proper handshake. 😀

I was inspired to write this because of — “M” for her post on .  Check it out for more awesome etiquette tips.  😀

Are there any etiquette’s you’ve observed people not doing?

I thank my daughter for the photography and my son for his hand modeling! Thanks kids! Muuuwaah! Heart emoticon for facebook  Kiss emoticon for facebook

A Game of Cat and Mouse…

I start my day with making my bed.  Simple enough, one would think.  What you don’t know is I sleep with a demon…”gasp!”  No, not what you think.  And I’m not referring to my husband; I’m referring to a tiny-colorful-furry-four-legged-minx of a demon kitty.  She is the tiniest of the seven.  Yes you read that right; I have seven felines, (for another time and another story).

So this demon is pretty much the only one who comes in my bedroom.  It’s a game to her, I think, to wake me up in the night.  Most of the time it’s because she’s lost her toy (a hairpin; her favorite thing in the world and I am NOT kidding! Erm, maybe besides me 😉 ) Or, she has forgotten where she last left me; in bed!  She will cry, and talk, and chirp, but sometimes if I am lucky, she finds me asleep, and she will snuggle down beside me, real close; like she is a part of me, and sleep like the sweet angel I know she can be.  If my breathing changes, she knows! If I open my eyes ever so slightly, she knows!  I don’t think she ever really sleeps.  I think she stays awake, and when no one is watching, she sharpens her horns she cleverly hides close to her ears.

She lays in waiting until she knows I am awake.  Wait for it…wait for it…(This is the demon coming out in her.)…and then she pounces!  If I wiggle my feet she leaps like a rabid monkey and attacks my toes. Any slight movement and I turn into her prey.  She hunts me like a lioness stalking a rabbit.  Crouching down in position ready to make her move.

This is how I wake up when she’s in the room!  So I lint roll my bed.  Hardly any hair, but that is because I have this ritual of keeping things mostly clean; mostly.  Brushing teeth and doing my kick backs (gotta tighten those buns!), my little demon watches and waits.  I ignore her thinking that if I pretend she isn’t there, she isn’t really as adorable as she looks.  I sneak a peak, and between rep forty five; dang it, she caught me looking.  She falls on her back and chirps and lets out a meow only a mother could love.  “Okay, fine! I love her!”  I rub her belly with my bare foot and she clamps down like a ninja ready to do battle with Chinese stars for nails.

I finish brushing my teeth, bun muscles are burning from the repetitions, I pick her up, (ignoring the charlie horse that wants to rear it’s head because I didn’t stretch).  She wraps herself around my arm, mimicking a python squeezing its victim. She thinks she’s doing damage, but all she’s doing is making me laugh.

I am getting dressed and she is ready, as in, as soon as I open my closet she rushes in to hide.  (As if I didn’t see that coming!)  I toss on my usual; shorts and t-shirt and I call out to her.  I’ve got a long list of things to do and she can’t stay in there.  She ignores me because she has selective hearing; which she is quite good at.  In her next life she will come back as a kid, I know this because my human children suffer from the same selective hearing.

I look for a hair pin.  And I toss it, and out from hiding she comes.  Works like a charm, every time! She finds her hair pin and brings it back to me meowing and chirping with it in her mouth.  She’s a practicing ventriloquist.  How she can talk without moving her lips!  Astonishing!  I take the pin from her and save it for later.  She bolts. And it’s my turn to crouch down.  I peek around my bathroom sink and say, “Boo!”.  She crouches too and starts to sneak.  I run over behind the door and peak out and say, “Boo!” and she sneaks closer. This goes on until one of us gets close enough to pounce.

This is the game we play.  Silly albeit, but a game I look forward to, from the time she finally settles down to sleep, to the peak-a-boo game the next morning.  My little demon makes me smile.  And everyone should start their day with a smile.

Hope you have a smile kinda day!

Paws and kisses, Koko

Take Care of Ones Own Garbage.

Take care of ones own garbage.

With landfills filling up at astronomical rates, does anyone wonder what will happen next once it’s filled? Do we pollute our oceans by tossing cubes of garbage in hopes that our fish will learn to like to eat cans, paper, and various “garbagie” things? Will we send our garbage out in space? Why not? We won’t see it. But what if we inhabit space one day? Will our views be seas of crumbled wastes floating haphazardly by?

I am most certainly not perfect in this department, though I do think about what I throw away. I agree with recycling. Why don’t our cities have three waste cans; one for green waste, one for plastic and paper, and one for things you can’t put in the other two? When I lived on the west coast, this was how it was done. It was great. The city used the green waste to make mulch and they recycled the “recycled” things. It may not be totally perfect but what a great start! When I moved to the south I noticed many differences. Trash was one of the main things that got to me. When this billing cycle runs out I will be discontinuing my trash service. In my home we already compost all our food waste and paper. When I mow the lawn it goes back into mother earth. I collect the grass once the compost bin gets low to make more mulch and I also use the newly cut grass as mulch in certain areas in my yard that doesn’t mind the “burn”. Branches that fall off the trees on the property get collected/saved for when we do out-door fires (smores and other roasting fun). We take our cardboard and plastic to a recycling center. Yep, it’s more effort and yes I wish they’d come to collect it since they are the one making the money off the paper and plastic people drop off at the centers. Old clothes get remade into things that can be turned into something else or simply donated. I make most of all “cleaner” type things such as counter top sprays, room sprays, bathtub powders, body lotions, etc. And by doing this (Well for me, it is better on my body, as in; I am not ingesting harmful chemicals through breathing or through my skin. For instance, my body lotion is safe enough that if I ate a spoonful I won’t die and I know what touches our skin invariably goes into our body.) By making most of my products I am cutting down on the amount of “bottled” “boxed” things I buy. And most of the things I do buy is in bulk, ie; my baking soda comes in a 13.5 lbs bag. I don’t buy bottled water; I reuse a glass one. I grow a garden. I do wish I could have animals as I would love to have a milking goat. I am also careful of what I do buy; do we really need another???   Bottom line;  I try and continue to try and look for ways to help out this earth. Does my difference help? Does it matter? Well, it makes a difference to me. It matters to me. I am not perfect, but I try, and I do my best.

Recycle where you can. Conserve where you can. Perhaps if we all did a little something, that will be the difference and that does matter. Peace, Koko