Nightstand: Clever + Hip + Repurpose

IMG_1123 (1)

Recycling a drum set no longer being used.

Hello my Awesomenesses! (A Koko word) 😉

Remember the post on DIY Dog Bed; I made it out of an old drum set? Well, this nightstand is made from more of that same set.


This is also a great way to “store” drums. Nostalgia says, “Don’t get rid of it!” And besides, you never know when you might want to play them again. Just for old times sake!


Isn’t the grain of the natural wood beautiful? My son lovingly refinished it. This was his first set given to him when he was five! The snare is at the bottom. Makes for a nice sturdy base.

IMG_1129 (1)

Can you see the iPhone charger? Very handy!


One more look!

Nightstands can be made from many things; A cute wooden chair, old suitcases piled up one on top of the other, stacks of books, magazines, wooden crates, and even an old drum set!

Let your imagination soar! Now, go create your own unique nightstand!

Thank you so much for reading!

Love and Peace,


75 thoughts on “Nightstand: Clever + Hip + Repurpose

  1. How appropriate, coming from a woman who obviously “dances to the beat of her own drum…”

    Once again, you share a very cool idea that is very out of the ordinary; outside the box!

    I enjoyed this post. I have enjoyed each of your past posts, and I always look very much forward to your next post!

    My thoughts are usually, “I wonder what unusual idea she is going to share next?”

    Can’t wait!!!!

    Be well and thank you for sharing!


    • I think the wild animals this year think I’m hosting an open buffet! Hahaha. They were kind enough to leave me some heirloom squash, tomatoes, beans, and a few other things we are eating now, but I literally had to replant many new starters. Good thing the weather has been good (we’ve even had rain which has helped break up the really hot days) and I was able to get more seeds started. I’ve got peas, broccoli, beets, kale, and about five or six more types out there. Plenty of onions and garlic! How are you doing? 🙂

      • Those animals…always competing with them too 😉
        I’m juggling with time to get everything started…and to much rain and to many cold days. Now my tomatoes are sick, trying to save them. The only thing I could eat so for are some strawberries.
        But I enjoy it to much to quit, so this week sowing some more 😉

      • Strawberries! Yum. At least you got to eat something. This is the first time in two years I got squash as I could t grow them for a couple of years for whatever reason. I think it’s because my kids cursed the garden. They don’t like squash! Hahahahaha

    • Thank you. Some things are hard to let go and I’m not one to store things in a storage. This was a good solution. Great to have you pop in! Enjoy your week ahead! Koko 🙂

    • Your comment makes my day! Thank you kindly! It really has been great. Nice conversation piece and I get to think of my son when I see it! Happy week ahead! 🙂 Koko

    • Yes! It really is nice to look at and I get to think happy thoughts of my son. I remember him plying them for the first time. Self taught. Such talent! Thank you Krystal for hanging out here! Have a great week ahead! Koko:)

      • Project Patrol!!!!! No, I had no idea. Why the name change? I love this one too! I’ve been kind of out of the loop. Super busy with life. I try and read blogs as much as I can, but since I follow so many blogs, I know I miss a bunch. So happy you told me who you are! I had wondered why I hadn’t seen Project Patrol on Instagram… 🙂

      • Hehe! I follow so many blogs too and it is really hard to keep up 😦 Buuuut, I changed the name because I actually started my own little business called ambient wares and I sell various items at a local thrift/consignment store 😀

    • It’s nice to be able to look at something and find a different use for it. I really didn’t want to store it and having it out makes me happy to see. My little boy isn’t a boy anymore…nostalgia! 🙂

  2. Great repurposing again, Koko 🙂 My hubby doesn’t play his set any more, but also doesn’t allow repurposing them – yet. Men 😉 Happy 4th ❤

    • Hahaha! My son has another set that he wouldn’t dream of allowing me to touch for repurposing! 😉 It’s a gorgeous set and still being used. The sound is amazing. 🙂 Happy Fourth Helen. Be well.

  3. Koko, what a beautiful idea and yes the wood looks amazing on the sides of the drums.. You’re so talented and I look forward to your next invention of beauty… Take care, Laura 🙂

    • Awe, you are so sweet Laura to say so. I’d pass on your kind words to my son (as he did the work) but he’s traveling at the moment. I hope you are doing well. I bet you have a nice garden going! I’m happy you commented, because I forgot your blog name and had been thinking about you! Be well! Koko:)

      • Koko, I’ve been doing well and my gardens are thriving in the permaculture beds, 5 total… But, they are maintenance free, very little watering and very few weeds.. all in all its been a win, win for me as I age into this new type of gardening.. They are also raised about 3 feet so I won’t ever have to get down on my knees (which I can’t do anymore) Win, win… I found a solution for myself, since I wasn’t ever giving up gardening.. Hugs my dear and thank you for finding me again.. Just remember the Bluebird4udaily….

        Laura ❤

      • So happy to hear from you! I love the permaculture beds. Even better they are working! I too am needing to rethink the way I do things. We’ve acquired another acre! The good, no neighbor’s behind us, the bad, more work. My problem this year are rabbits eating faster than I can grow! Hugs, Koko

      • Koko, I too battle with the hungry critters, squirrels, chipmunks, etc.. Skunk even visiting and stinking up the back yard some night.. Might be my compost bin? But, this is the first year for these problems with the stinky pest.. Perhaps, its been so dry and hot lately he or she is hungry..

        Thank you ever so much for your comments…

        Laura 🙂

      • My neighbor has a family of skunks living under their house for years now. One evening I saw about seven of them walking in formation across the street to my other neighbor’s yard! And two nights ago one lone one was hanging out at my mail box! I’d take any critter over a stinky one! Hope your weekend is awesome! Koko 🙂

    • I’m glad you do! 😉 Hmmmm….well, yes it does. Like any table top, if you set something down hard enough, but placing something on it, no discernible noise. 🙂 The sound is nice though if tapped hard enough. It does still work as a drum, as we left all the skins on them. Hahaha. If one were to have insomnia, one could drum in the middle of the night! Awesome of you to come by. I hope the rest of your week is great!

  4. Your room is so cute.. and tidy, mine is never this tidy! haha. You seem really lovely too, I would love to follow each other and stay in contact.. let me know if you want to! x

    • Your comment is so nice. I have to keep things tidy; I have way too many animals not to. Also with things neat, it helps my brain to relax. Hahaha. Have a wonderful weekend! I will be sure to check your blog out. Cheers! Koko

  5. Hi Koko,
    I made a comment on The Perks of Being Georgia’s blog. You clicked “like”. I came to introduce myself and thank you for liking my comment.
    I love your project, keeping things on drums. My husband just started using the top of the trash can lid as a table, but I like your idea better.
    If you are a DIY blogger, you might want to consider subscribing to my blog. I host two linky parties each week where DIY bloggers come and share their projects and recipes. The one I host on Monday gets on average 400 people each week. I see you have an engaged community here, but if you want to network, I thought you might be interested. My other linky party is on Friday.

    • How kind of you to invite. I’ve never been a part of a “linky” party. I will go check out your blog and learn. Thank you so much for thinking about me! All the best to you! Enjoy your week ahead! Koko:)

      • If you have trouble signing up, let me know, and I can help if you comment on my side. My next linky party comes out in 6.5 hours. I’ve heard it is one of the biggest on the planet.

      • Hi Janice, I signed up. Not sure I did it right. It’s almost 2:30 am here! Hahaha. I will read more tomorrow and hope I “linked” up right. 🙂 Thank you again.

      • Thank you for subscribing. Yes, you did it right! The notification of the party will go into your email box. It should be there when you wake up. It is 12:30 AM here in California. Thank you again and good night
        Janice good

      • I am moving back to Cali! It would be awesome to have a cup of coffee with you one day. Any way…I will check the email. Thank you again. I appreciate the support as well. Have a wonderful week ahead! Koko 🙂

  6. Love this!!! My hubby plays drums, and this would be such a great way to incorporate his personality in our home! ❤

    • Thank you for saying so. My son did a great job restoring his very first drum kit. He was five when he got this set. I love having it as a nightstand. So neat to see it daily and remembering the great memories! Thank you for being here. Take care Nancy! 🙂

    • Yes! Do it! I’ve turned old sets into many things…even a planter! And if you don’t cut it up, it can still be used as a drum later if he decides to take it up again! 🙂

  7. Hey 🙂
    I just discovered your blog! 😀
    It’s so cool that you have surfboards over your bed! 😀 Do you like to go surfing?
    Maybe you want to take a look at my blog too?
    Yours, littlegreenraven

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