DIY Tea Box Repurposed


I am a huge note taker. Also, for me, there’s a comfort that comes from the feel of physically writing or even doodling. It’s also a wonderful way to clear the mind. Because my mind doesn’t rest, writing things down helps to relieve having to think/remember everything. I like to write on note cards (3×5’s). They are the right size. I can fit them in my purse, or pocket, and they tuck nicely in the corner of a nightstand or drawer.

Ok so, I have 3×5 cards littered in a few places. I’ve been meaning to buy a card holder. Well, I’m not the most patient person and it was late last night when I decided I NEEDED a card holder. I was making tea at the time of this “thought”…and the box my tea was in would do nicely. Shall I continue? Okay, you’ve twisted my arm…


Before I show you what I did…I made tea, of course! I like this tea with raw honey (neat info on  raw honey ) and raw cream.



This tea is really seriously delicious. If you are short on time to measure out the spices (like here  or here) to make your own, give this one a go! 


Only three bags of tea left… I took out the insert.


I decided I wanted to keep the lid and sides to help reinforce the box. Plus the peacock is so adorable! 😉 They were too big folded inside, so I measured, and trimmed. 


Fold the flaps down.



Add the 3×5 cards. I made the tabs by cutting a few cards. Now I’m more organized. A more “Zen” workplace and I feel better having all my notes in one place. 

I could have gone out to buy one, but truth be told, then I wouldn’t have this cute box with a monkey on it!

I’ve said it before, and I will continue saying it…I appreciate your support, kind words, and follows. As the card reads on the desk…THANK YOU! Your comments make me smile and your kind words make me sigh! These past few months I’ve needed it more than you can know. THANK YOU.

Take care of yourself. Peace, Koko

91 thoughts on “DIY Tea Box Repurposed

    • You are so sweet! I’m also impatient! Haha. The box was free and free is always good right?! I love that coffee btw! Fantastic over ice and sweetened with condensed milk! Wowzers! 🙂 Have a fabulous evening! Cheers, Koko

  1. Hey there gal… It’s me Laura.. remember me with my bad knees and all the battles with my garden… I’ve began a new blog and left the old one behind.. right now it’s just one word a day on my blog until I make a sentence with the words in a later post.. I hope your health has been well and I want to wish you a very Merry Christmas and a safe and happy new year…. hugs .. bluebird,,, (Laura )

    • I’ve thought about you often! A new blog?! That’s awesome. I am so happy you are starting a new blog. When I get home I will look up your blog. I’m so happy to hear from you. Happy Christmas. Happy New Year! 2016 is gonna be a great one! Hugs, Koko:)

      • Koko, I’m so happy you remembered me, because my comment would have appeared odd if you didn’t … giggling…. I look forward to catching up also on all of your past posts since I was last on here.. Take care sweet lady … hugs

      • Oh my goodness dear lady we are like two peas in a pod sharing the same interests and we love our gardens.. Peace be with you too hon… Merry Christmas
        Bluebird (Laura ) 🙂

  2. I think I figured out your angle this time….. when you reach into the newly constructed tea box and pull out a card, the soothing effects from the tea ( osmosis through your hand) place you in a tranquil zen like state to undergo the task at hand. 🙂 Very clever of you.

    Who else would have ever thought of using a tea box to make an index card holding box? Genius idea!!!

    Keep working on stress reduction by finding venues to remove it’s toxicity from your body. You have too much to offer to be bogged down in harmful stress.

    Sending you the happiest of thoughts.

    • Jonathan, you are a wise man! Very perceptive! Jotting down my thoughts helps as does exercise! Lots of exercise. I am working on a few new ventures. I am looking forward to seeing what the new year brings. Stress, even good is still stress. Practicing the art of smiling for no good reason throughout the day helps lift the spirit, plus exercising the facial muscles through smiling helps with the wrinkles! Hahaha…win, win. Maybe the last part is wishful thinking. Today is Christmas eve and in this region it’s usually very cold. I’m outside in 70 degree weather and sunshine. What’s not to smile about that?! Everything is so green and beautiful and my dogs all napping on the deck soaking up the sun. Ahhh yes, right now there is no stress only the deep sigh of how thankful I am to be here right now in the moment! Sending sunshine and smiles your way! Peace, Koko❀

    • Yes, a beautiful place known for its tea and silk. Though I’ve never been! I’m a sucker for animals and thought the box was cute. It’s pouring rain, but usually I have a couple of squirrels that run around in my back yard. Marvin and Mabel! Not sure if they are a couple but they sure are playful and I’d like to think they love each other. There are two coyotes; Goose and Lia that sorta roam in my yard too. Luckily Marvin and Mabel have stayed away when those two show up. Happy Christmas to you! I’m sipping the last of the Chai from the box and reading blogs. I sent the family to California for sun, surfing and skiing! Fabulous day! Be well! Koko❀

    • I’m happy you liked it GigiMae! It was a cute and practical way for me to store my note cards. And if I get bored of it, I can compost it and grab another pretty tea box! Wishing you well, Koko❀

    • Yes, this has helped me…in the past I’ve just rubber-banded my notes together! This is so nice as I have it on my desk and much easier to refer back to. It’s so kind of you to take the time out of your day to read what I have to say! Take care! Koko:)

    • Yes I totally agree. I have trouble ripping at gift packages because I see them as other things too. Wonderful seeing you here River Lily. Your name is awesome! I enjoyed reading the story behind it. Have a beautiful day! Koko

  3. Wow, I love your creativity. What a great idea! I’m always one to run to the store for everything but I need to change my thinking and start repurposing items in my own home. Love this!

    • Repurposing is fun. I look at a lot of things differently….What can I do with that? Can I reuse it? Etc…I don’t have a stockpile of “junk” laying around. Teehee. If I can reuse or make something pretty out of something I do and if I can’t, I shop! 🙂 I am finding the older I get, the less I really need. You are a doll to stop by and read. I appreciate the comment and your time! Have a beautiful week ahead! 🙂 Koko

      • Well it seems like we inspire each other then! I now have one of these cool tea boxes on my office desk. I’m using it as a Rolodex to sort the month’s arbitrations and mediations I have to prep!

      • No thank YOU for sharing the DIY and inspiring me. Sometimes work can be such a drag just having something positive/fun on my desk can be just what I need! My partner and I were recently talking about kids and names and etc and I really like the name Saoirse (pronounced sir-sha) and my partner said “no one is going to understand that! She’s going to have the same problem with her name you’ve always had!” And I thought about how much you like my name hahah I was like….she’ll learn to love it!

      • Teehee… your partner has a point. Do you want your child to have to explain the name every time? But I do love your name and would say it’s worth it! Hahaha. Saoirse is so unique. Meaning freedom. It’s beautiful. I already know you are going to be a wonderful mother. Your children will be so lucky. 🙂

      • Maybe it’s kind, but I can feel it! (without sounding weird) You are going to be great at it. Your genuine spirit shines through. I’m sure anyone that “knows” you knows this. 🙂

  4. Love it! Very creative, and I like that you folded in the lid and sides for reinforcement. That was my thought as you began; I wondered how long it would last, because tea boxes aren’t made of incredibly thick cardboard. Great idea, and I love the monkey! 😉

    • It really has held up. I use it daily and thumb through the note cards and it has held every bit of the shape from the day I made it. I love the monkey too! It sits at the corner of my desk and every time I look up I can’t help but smile. Hope your day is gorgeous. We finally got sun! Yippeeeee 🙂 Take care.

  5. This is so good! Loved everything about this post 🙂 I also love writing lists but I always use notebooks. However, after reading your words I am definitely going to try this and pay more attention to my tea boxes! Have a lovely weekend!

    • And you can categorize your list so you are not overwhelmed! I have many projects to do so I have my lists in categories; bedroom, bathroom etc. and in each list are the projects that need doing. Also, I make lists of the “artwork” I want to do. So you see, it’s not all work…some of it needs to be for fun too, like start a garden, send someone you love a hand written letter, make cards for special occasions…Lists don’t always have to be mundane! Hahaha. Thank you for taking time out to read a post. I hope your Sunday has been relaxing! Take care Lisa! 🙂

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