DIY Simple Wall Fix In Seconds

Remember the desk I repurposed? (see it here) The wall I’m referring to is the wall I see when I am creating at my desk. I had troubles doing anything with ugly holes staring back at me the whole time! I’m talking at least 20 unsightly holes! I took a shelving system down because something I am building will be in it’s place: Hopefully sooner than later, (waiting for my order to come in). Back to the ugly holes in the wall…I needed a quick fix.

My solution…


See how to “DIY” lampshade here. Great place to set my computer glasses!

Yes, a door! Voila! The ugly sight was fixed in seconds. (I will do a proper job with spackle later…) Since this is what I see…I wanted to pretty-it-up, by adding the antlers and it was simple enough to do…

IMG_7276 (1)

The string was something I had on hand. It was too thin so I braided three strands for a thicker “rope”.


Seeing a wall full of this was not very inspirational.


I screwed in two of theses hooks. (See tip below for easy pilot hole start.)


Tip: You need a nail and a hammer…But keep in mind you want the nail you use to be thinner than the screw, otherwise the screw will not have something to bite into.


Tap the nail in (Not too far. Just a few taps will do.) See the hole near the right side of the nail?


Tapping in a pilot hole helps to guide the screw in. Just screw in the screw!

If you have an unsightly wall, you can fix it fast, by using an old door, new door, shoji screen, even a lovely quilt. This quick fix allows me to breathe easier seeing something pretty until I can get to repairing it.

Here’s to making the life around you beautiful. Peace, Koko❀

Mouse over the pics below to see the caption…Something I didn’t know! Found out accidentally! Teehee!


29 thoughts on “DIY Simple Wall Fix In Seconds

  1. Another unbelievable creation. You have been blessed with so much talent. It’s not often I’m required to use my hand to manually lift my jaw to close my mouth. I am getting used to this every time I read your posts. You truly inspire.

    • You humble me. You always have something uplifting to say and I truly appreciate that. Thank you kindly. Hope your day is going wonderfully and the rest of your week as well. Take care of yourself Jonathan.

      • Nothing goes fast enough does it? Hahaha. I’d love to be done with all my projects so I can put my feet up on the deck I built and enjoy the surroundings! But sadly those moments are far and few between. Soon enough Liam! πŸ™‚

  2. Looks great! I can not tell you how often my eye catches something ‘ just not right’ and it will drive me crazy. Everyone else in the house walks right by…a few dings in the Sheetrock, no worry….but I’ll keep being drawn to it, until I come up with some master plan to hide it( fix it later!). I think the door and antlers look wonderful, a great backdrop for the
    re- purposed dresser. Clever, clever! Have a wonderful Holiday,
    Blessings, denise

    • Ahhh you made my day. Glad to know there is someone out there like me! Yes the small dings and dents and paint touch-ups get me every time! Hahaha. I’ve been carting that door around from room to room for years! Old doors work for so many things. At one time they were to keep puppies out of rooms! Now I have something nice to look at until I fix the wall and onto the next project for what that wall will be used for later! Thank you for commenting and making me smile. Have a lovely day Denise and a Happy Christmas! Take care, Koko ❀

  3. Bravo! Again!
    And I can’t wait to see whatever your next project is going to be, in place of the shelves you took down.
    I have no doubt it will be creative, beautiful, and AWESOME!!!!

    Have a great day, Koko!πŸ’ƒβœ¨β—οΈβ—οΈ

  4. Super idea…so creative! Every detail is cute and unique! And your balloon….chair…is so great for back issues….always stimulating your muscles and balance… That is not a quick fix but a sweet design😊

    • I’m so glad you noticed that France! I’m doing a post on that next. Yes, I’m always in motion. Since using the ball I’ve had little back issues. I love using old doors to decorate. They also look neat as a headboard putting two together. I’ve strung twinkling lights and that makes for a sweet ambiance lighting! The doors are cheap (can pick them up at yard sales for almost noting or people give them away!) and versatile with a big impact! I’d like to hire you as my cheerleader! You’ve put big smiles on my face all day today! Take care!

  5. What a difference a good idea makes! The space now looks inviting. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to build πŸ™‚ Happy creating and have a wonderful weekend, Koko!

    • Thank you Tiny! It sure does make a difference. I can’t tell you enough just how much the messed up wall bothered me. And since putting the door there, it was like instant relief! It will get fixed properly, but for now…this is good. I am going to be busy building several shelves this weekend. But it will be wonderful. Blast some good music and off I go! Enjoy your weekend too Tiny. Hope you get some fabulous pictures! Hugs!

    • It makes for an easy fix! I’ve used doors for so many things. They really are handy! Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate you commenting. Hope you have an awesome day! Cheers, Koko❀

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