DIY Green Onions!

Hello Everyone! In case your computer can’t play the video or you just don’t feel like watching the minute or so video, here it is in mere words!

This is for all of you out there that don’t think you have a green thumb!

This tip will restore your faith in your growing skills, because believe me, if I can do this, YOU can too!

The video basically shows how you can re-grow green onions.

  1. Get ahold of a bunch of green onions.
  2. Cut the green onion where the white part of the onion meets up with the green part. (Use a sharp knife or sharp scissors.)
  3. Place the white part with roots attached in a glass.
  4. Fill with good, clean water just above the roots; about 1/4″ to 1/2″ above the roots.
  5. Place in a sunny location.
  6. Change out the water every day or so.
  7. Wait for it…wait for it…to re-grow!
  8. When plant gets to desired height, repeat steps 1-7!

Green onions can be grown year round! So those of you who can’t wait for spring to grow something…well here’s a way to grow something “green” even with staring outside at three feet of snow!

I hope this post finds you happy and healthy. Eating well, doing good things for yourself and others is all part of happy-and-healthy. I love having something always growing in my window sill. I usually have two to three green onion bunches growing at a time. It makes me happy and that in turn keeps me healthy! I hope you share this tip with your friends and family and they too can feel the satisfaction of having a green thumb!

Peace, Kokoā€

58 thoughts on “DIY Green Onions!

  1. Wow! Now you presented something even I can do! What a great tip…and green onions are so good in so many foods, but I’m usually out of them when I’d like to add then to something šŸ™‚ And it was nice to see you too. Thanks & hugs! Tiny

    • Hahaha! Yes you too can do this! I cook a lot of things and tossing some chopped green onions on top just makes a dish look so fancy! šŸ™‚ Having them grow constantly on my sill makes it easy. I can’t help but be happy to watch them grow daily too. Here’s to you successfully re-growing green onions! Koko ā€

    • Nice to meet you James! I totally agree…the window sill is a great place to experiment. At the moment, my basil loves it there too! Thank you for the kind compliment on the video! Hope you have an awesome rest of your week! Koko šŸ™‚

  2. Another great simple healthy idea. So good to see you back on wordpress. I loved the video because it creates a more personal feeling when a person can see and hear your words. Hope your Thanksgiving went well. If I don’t hear from you, hoping your Christmas holiday season brings much joy, good health and happiness. ā¤

    • It’s been a heck of a year Jonathan. I have great hope for 2016! Thanksgiving was good. Christmas I will be by myself. The family will be in sunny California surfing and skiing. It will be a great time for me to rake the leaves and meditate! I hope your Christmas will be lovely. I love simple ideas that have a pretty big outcome. I have green onions growing year round. I change out the bottom root part after awhile. You will begin to notice the growth isn’t as prolific. This time of year I will have a few glasses full of them as the sun plays hide and seek so the plants grow slower. It’s always nice to see you here. I hope this finds you happy and healthy. Have a wonderful evening.

  3. Hello and thanks for checking out my blog….I love yours and look forward to following you….love the onion gig….they will be in water at my house for sure…love the green tops….and how to store a purse….great idea……Happy Holidays…..kat

    • I grow them in the ground too! In fact I have some out there still doing well in the cold weather! Hope you are doing great. What is the weather like where you are this time of the year? šŸ™‚

  4. Great idea! This fits right in with my new year’s resolution to grow some herbs and aloe vera. I will add green onions now too.

    • I love doing this as I usually have a batch that’s ready most of the time. And really it’s fun to see something green and growing! Reminds me of spring even during the winter! Thank you for commenting Nena. Take care Sweetie! šŸ™‚

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    • Hahaha! This will definitely boost your confidence in growing plants. When ever I think I suck at gardening, I know I can always fall back to this! šŸ˜‰ Take care!

  6. Yes. Lol. I have some growing right now! Lol. I have had them even grow without sun and have also grown them in pots with dirt. I love green onions and loved your video. The growth rate is what amazes me most of all. They grow sooooo fast!

    • I have some in a pot too! I am amazed how fast they grow. Daily! You can totally see the change. I wish I had more windows that face the sun, I’d have onions in every window! Hahaha. Nice to see you here. Thank you. Hope your evening is lovely! šŸ™‚

      • Also koko the ones I’m growing now? I got tired of looking at plain water so put them in a bowl with some decorative rocks. They look great. And stand straight up supported by the rocks. Hope you’ll try it. Changes it up. Lol
        šŸ™‚ God bless you.

      • Sounds so pretty in rocks! I am so excited to start seeds in doors. Do you grow an outdoor garden? My garden guide tells me it’s time to start a handful of seeds indoors, but I’m concerned with the frost that happens in April. I have many old windows that I’m considering turning into cold frames. Growing things is natures magic. It’s quite thrilling to see beauty pop out of the soil and the bonus is getting to eat them! Hahaha. Or look at them if they are flowers! Be well. Peace, Koko:)

    • It’s so much fun having green onions year round, not to mention how pretty to have something green in my window sill. Thank you for commenting. Lovely having you here! šŸ™‚

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