Organic Lettuce Grown From Seed

Pretty Lettuce!

Pretty lettuce…….Can you find what doesn’t belong?……. You guessed it. Cilantro! It sneaked in with the lettuce. That’s okay. I happen to love, love, love cilantro!

I allowed a lettuce to bolt and collected its seeds. You can read about it here. I was thrilled when bits of green popped through the soil. It worked! Eureka! I can’t help but be excited, after all I planted the seed, grew the plant, let it bolt, collected the seed, and did it all over again! Okay so maybe it wasn’t all me. Mother Nature should technically get the credit. I just helped facilitate it a little! Still cool.

To all gardeners or wannabe’s like me… What is your favorite vegetable you’ve planted this year? Have you collected seeds? What kind? I am still new at this so I am hoping for some tips! Please help a sista out! 🙂

I appreciate all the likes, follows and shares. You have made posting so worth while and I thank you for it! ❤

Have an awesome week! Peace, Koko❀

96 thoughts on “Organic Lettuce Grown From Seed

  1. Koko, your lettuce looks amazing and I just know you totally enjoy going outside to snip off some for a sandwich or a nice salad… Cilantro is my fave too…

    Take care and happy gardening to ya, from Laura ~

  2. Wow, I am impressed with your lettuce! Great job! I always have an herb garden inside the kitchen window. Basil, cilantro, mint, and sometimes oregano. Vegetables don’t thrive too well in the Texas heat, so if we do anything outside it is usually yellow squash. I’d love to have lettuce those, I definitely buy enough of it 🙂

    • I love herbs! At the moment I have mint and thyme, cilantro and tiny tiny basil. I bet it’s a challenge in that Texas heat! I wonder if a green house would work? I kept all my old windows and I want to build a green house with it to extend the growing season. Thank you so much for popping in and especially taking the time to comment. Hope your Monday was good. 🙂

      • Oh man, I would love a green house! I know a few that have them here in Texas and they are very successful with growing just about anything! I adore old windows, that would be such a cute idea for a green house. I enjoy your blog, and look forward to more posts 🙂

      • It makes my day to hear others liking my blog! You are so sweet in saying so. Google green houses out of old windows; you will know what I am looking to build. I can’t wait. Though that project will have to after I stain my deck and a couple other things. But it’s these projects that make me so happy. It’s a bit chilly here today, however I am determined to still get in some gardening! Keeping my fingers crossed I see some sunshine! And I hope you find some shade in that Texas heat! 😉

  3. I’ve always wanted to do that. While I don’t plant lettuce very often. I plant herbs and some of them frequently go to seed before I can use them and I think “I should collect the seeds and see if I could plant them and produce something.” But I never have. Maybe, just maybe, you have inspired me. There is some oregano in my garden that is starting to get there. Only thing is that with oregano I don’t really need to do this since it kind of grows like a weed and never dies.

    • I didn’t realize just how fun it would be to collect the seeds! Seriously, you feel quite accomplished the next time you plant knowing, “I harvested my own seeds!” Nice hearing from you Kingmidget! Hope you have a great week ahead! Thank you for commenting and I do hope you give collecting seeds a try! 😀

    • Teehee! Thank you 😀 I want to collect marigold seeds! I hear they do grow very well from collection. I’ve never grown marigolds from seed. I should get a few plants from my local garden shop and try my hand! Thanks for the reminder and so cool you dropped into my little world. I appreciate the comment! Have a wonderful week! 😀

      • The lettuce looks so good and i must say growing from seeds feels real good! I never thought much about it while helping my parents as a kid but rediscovered the fun after i started growing plants in flowerpots some years back. About marigold, i did manage to grow from seeds for two seasons. 🙂

      • I went to my local nursery…marigold seed collection, here I come! I can’t wait. Here’s to us both growing great things! Happy weekend to you!

      • Thank you for your kind words. The weather is so spectacular that some time spent in the garden is a must. I have both my kids home at the same time today so that too is something to celebrate! As for a DIY; stay tuned a simple island from my scrap lumber will make its appearance this week! Hope to see you again. Have a beautiful day! 🙂

      • I remembered one more thing about growing marigolds. Unused to prune it to make them into bushes but the cut-off stems could be grown into full fledged plants. We used to grow the native varieties so am not sure I’d it works for all types but i used to do this a lot 🙂

  4. Fantastic idea to let the lettuce bolt. It’s a great feeling to know you grew something from something you already had. We’re growing lots this year over on the blog and I might do the same with our lettuce 🙂

  5. Chilies, parsley, chives and coriander are my favorites to grow.. and to eat. ^^. Love it! I use all of them in my cooking, not always together but there will always be one of them in there somewhere.

      • Of course! Yes flavorful food is the best and it’s awesome to know, that you’re eating something that you litterally just grew out of mother earth. Healty and delicious. The way tog go! … and a bit of chocolate and crisps, thats one happy soul. (:

      • Hahaha. Absolutely!!!!!! It’s gorgeous outside today. You know what that means? Time to get hands in dirt! 🙂 I hope it’s beautiful where you are! 🙂

      • Where do you live again? And yeah, i’m waiting for the weather to get a tiny bit better (: But i don’t mind the rain, but it’s not really fit for start gardening outside.

      • Denmark! Awesome. Yes it’s been between 60-70 degrees here with some days of rain. I must peruse your blog more. I’d love to learn about your country. In high school we had an exchange student from there. Have a wonderful day! 🙂

      • Ah okay. It’s been about 58 degrees here. So, not that warm. I do occassionally write about Denmark and Copenhagen because i love it! But, i haven’t been writing about it as much as i would like. But blogging is still very new to me, so i guess in a couple of months there will be loads of stuff about the country. (:

  6. My favorite vegetables are the ones my husband plants, waters, weeds, picks, washes, cooks, and serves. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  7. My lettuce has not reseeded itself this year, but the cilantro has come back real good, thanks to a mild winter. So we have made a point to make dinner that likes fresh cilantro this last winter. In the summer, it goes to seed too fast.

    • Boo on the lettuce! I really got lucky as the lettuce I let bolt gave me tons of seeds and so strong too as all of them have sprouted! I am going to let one of the new lettuce bolt. I love cilantro and sounds like you do too! It never goes bad in my house. I even make my green drinks with it! Have a gorgeous day! And good luck with your garden this year!

  8. This is awesome. My dad is originally from Europe, where he grew up on a farm. A few years ago, his family in Poland mailed him seeds from their tomato plants, and now he saves them and replants them every year. It’s a way of being together with them while living overseas.

    • Awe! I love that story. Thank you for sharing that! My son just came back from Poland. He loved it there. That is really neat that your dad grows plants from family seeds! I so appreciate your sharing. Please come back! Have a super day!

    • Home grown tomatoes are the best! Yes to jalapenos…you’ve got a great start to salsa! Anything home grown taste better in my opinion. This lettuce has such nice flavor and texture! Thank you for reading and commenting. Best wishes to you and your garden!

  9. The lettuce looks great! I love to grow my own veg, the only seeds I collect is from chillies. This year I am trying tomatillos, they are very hard to find and the plants looks great! Sweet blog! 🙂

    • Tomatillos would be great to grow! That is so smart too… Grow what is hard to find and that is too pricey! And above it all homegrown just taste so good! You are so thoughtful to pause and comment. Thank you for perusing and I hope you come back. Best wishes for your tomatillos. If we are lucky you might have some tips for us in cooking with them! 😉 Have a lovely day Petra08!

  10. It’s so rewarding to collect seeds for saving…I don’t know why more people don’t do it! Talk about simple and saving money. Your lettuces look fantastic! 🙂

    • I know right?! I feel like a rabbit constantly going out to the garden and as I pick them for dinner, I’m eating them! It really is so neat to collect and grow and harvest! It’s the simple things! Thank you for commenting. Hope to see you again! Have an awesome weekend! 🙂

  11. I love beans, lol! I collect seeds from: green beans, black eyed peas, Lima beans, and regular sweet peas. This year I’m planting black turtle beans for the first time and plan to let some of them dry for seed. Heirloom plants are so great cos they’re the true plant and you never have to buy seeds again. Thanks for checking out my blog. Grow on!

  12. I took on an overgrown garden a year ago and now am finding what I believe are apple seedlings. Waiting to see what happens will be a test of my patience, and there will be the small matter of where to plant them if they prove to be interesting. This corner of England is all owned and parcelled up – at least on paper.

    • What a wonderful find! You can line your property with apple trees! I have one apple tree I planted about four years ago. I am hoping for fruit. I like to plant more fruit trees but they just don’t seem to do well in my area. Some say it because of the abundance of juniper trees that have disease. Which I can do anything about since they are on my neighbors side. I hope your find proves fruitful! 😉 Have a lovely day. Koko

      • No room just here; it may be a case for guerilla gardening in 2 or 3 years’ time! Maybe behind a student let house; we are in a university town, but a traditional fruit growing county.

      • There is a disease that comes from the juniper trees that bring huge problems to my already planted fruit trees. I’ve been babying these trees and keeping my fingers crossed. Maybe this is my lucky year…if not I am seriously considering digging out all the fruit trees. I want to say a huge THANK YOU for linking my post. I so appreciate it. I need all the help I can get. 🙂 Have a wonderful evening and a beautiful Sunday!

      • Again, no room here for any more containers. It’s too dark to take a snap. Guerilla gardening will mean finding an unloved corner and surreptitiously planting a tree, hoping it’s allowed to grow. I’ve begun in a small way, hoping ivy can cover some graffiti near my house.

      • Can you paint over the graffiti? Ivy would be great as they won’t be able to spray paint over a plant! So sorry you have to see that 😦 Good luck with what plantings you can do. Peace, Koko

  13. Thanks for the news – I’ve just been learning to grow my own lettuce the last year or so. I’ll be sure to let a couple of my little lettuce plants bolt and save the seeds.

    The seeds we save the most are sunflowers and echinacea. This year we had so many we just put them all along one side of the garden. Of course these are a favorite of bugs, we’ll see how many we get. About July it should make a fabulous picture!

    • I hope you get loads of blooms. I can picture it now! I love echinacea. I need to plant more flowers. My mind is always on the vegetables I can grow but I so enjoy flowers! I hope the bugs haven’t eaten all your seeds!!! Hope your day is beautiful. 🙂

  14. Fennel! Some years back I started a hugelkultur in the yard, let it grow wild and planted some fennel seeds in for good measure. Now I can collect and use the seeds and the fennel is a huge hit with my chickens (and us)….no need to replant as the fennel re seeds itself. Tomatoes are easy to collect seeds, I am trying to regrow a pineapple as we live in Mexico w great sun. Collect yellow, orange and red pepper seeds. It’s impossible to find organic seeds here so I need to improvise and with some help from friends, get organic produce and collect the seed. Also started 5 lemon trees from seed…so much fun!.

    • Oh my! YOU are such a pro! That’s fantastic and great to have help from friends to get started with organic produce. I am always in search of heirloom seeds anything that isn’t GMO. I want chickens, but sadly not allowed in my area. One would think I could with acreage! Lemond trees are a no go here in the south. So sad. I am excited to pop on over to your blog. And thank you, thank you for taking the time to comment. Hope to see you again. 🙂

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  16. Your lettuce garden (and the solo cilantro!) looks great! You have a green thumb too and the reward is always fresh lettuce for you salads and drinks 🙂

    • It is great. I was picking some leaves off the plants today and found I was nibbling them as I went! Yes the cilantro decided to make friends with the lettuce instead of staying in the bed of all his mates! Hahaha. Nice to see you Tiny. Hope all is well and you are having a beautiful weekend. 🙂

      • Now my Sunday is complete! Those chicks are so cute. You have done an excellent job at documenting them and their parents as well as everything around them. I think you need your own show on TV! Or direct a nature movie. Both would be a hit!

  17. Koko, that looks indeed exciting 🙂 You can reproduce your garden without any additional help 🙂
    As of me, I do not plant any vegetables… too lazy. Instead I help my neighbors to water their plants while they are away, and in return they allow me to get some of the vegetables. And I am happy with that 🙂

  18. This looks amazing! When I was little, I used to creep into my dad’s garden and eat his lettuce straight from the plant, but then he started getting very worried, because he thought rabbits were getting into the garden! it was just a five year old though:)

    • Awe such a cute story! Thank you for sharing. Yes, little did he know his very own bunny was munching all the lettuce! I was out in the garden today and my son found me out there (when anyone comes home and can’t find me, they know to go to the garden)…anyway we were having a lovely chat and all the while, he was munching on the lettuce! Have a glorious day! I hope the sun is shining warmly wherever you are! Peace, Koko❀

  19. Koko you’ve got rows of beautiful and healthy lettuce! and I see the cilantro, too! we have not planted any vegetable yet; the weather is still a bit crazy in my part of the world 🙂

    • My garden got a late start with our winter hanging in there! I am still planting. I planted purple onions a week ago and they are already four inches tall! It is such a wonder every time I go in my garden. I love it there so much. I hope you get good weather soon! Playing in dirt is so much fun! 😉 I will try and send you some sunshine!

  20. We apartment live & it kills me. I want a yard for a garden so badly. I’m also the worst with plants but am getting better. I find keeping a schedule as to when I need to take care of them helps me! Just like kids or a dog… Put it on a schedule! 😉

    Beautiful blog & lovely photography. Can’t wait to see more of your life!


    • I’m am thrilled to have you hang out! Try a bit of gardening in pots. You’d be surprised how much you can grow in them. I will do a post on gardening in pots to give you some ideas but I’m sure you can google and get tons of ideas! Thank you for your kindness and thoughtful words. Please come back again! Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂 Koko

  21. I really want to try growing my own veggies! I have stuffed my gardens full of flowering perennials…sigh. Maybe I’m move some in order to grow lettuce, tomatoes and strawberries! Thanks for the inspiration!

    • And I want to grow some flowers! I’m thinking I may grow them in between my veggies. I love fresh cut flowers indoors! I bet your flower garden is gorgeous! Thank you for reading please come back again! Take care, Koko 🙂

      • Thanks Koko! Not to toot my own horn, but my garden is GORGEOUS!!! I’m so proud of it, especially since I had plans drawn up by a landscaper and then did it all my self! Each summer, I get big, fat gorgeous hydrangeas, roses and peonies! The shrubs like spirea, dogwood and barberry are so colourful and beautiful too. I’m a diehard gardener and I can spend all day looking at them. That is one thing I’m truly proud of!

  22. In Palm Springs, I have had the best luck with my basil and with pepper plants that used to pop up as volunteers from the birds’ poop in my old neighborhood. In northern California I was in love with growing corn because they seemed like these amazing spritely beings. One thing I know is often if the plant is a hybrid then the seeds won’t be fertile or won’t reproduce the same plant.

    I love hearing your exuberance for growing the lettuce from your own harvested seeds, Koko! Thank you. And so glad you found my blog, too. Is it on purpose that you don’t have the link for your own blog in your profile? I typed it in the URL to find you, but I almost didn’t try that because I was thinking maybe you had only chosen your name but not posted a blog yet. Thought I would mention it just in case. But even without it, clearly you have zillions of folks who are already in love with your blog. You go! 🙂

    • Oh my Riba! Thank you for bringing to my attention the link. I will fix it asap! I love to grow things too for their aesthetic appeal! I am growing sunflowers this year because I think my yard needs a dose of happy faces! I don’t grow anything GMO or hybrid because of that and other things. I try for heirloom and the like. Thank you kindly for peeking in on my world. I hope to see you again! Have a fantastic weekend. Supposed to rain more here which means I can’t put out new seeds, but after the rain I will be happily looking like pigpen again digging in the dirt! Cheers, Koko 🙂

  23. Sounds wonderful, Koko—both the rain and digging in the dirt. I adore sunflowers, too. I should have put them into my reply to the questions you posed for us in your post! I haven’t planted them in a while, but they come up here and there in odd places from the bird seed. I always so enjoy them, and I give them back to the birds when they are done blooming. There is one old bloom in the tray feeder now, pecked almost empty of its black sunflower seeds. 🙂

    • Awe! I enjoy feeding the birds too! During the winter I especially try to keep bowls filled with water. They have a tough time finding water when everything is covered in snow! You are a thoughtful friend to the birds. I’m sure they think wonderful thoughts of the kind person that provides them with such a delightful flower for sustenance! 😉

      • We are in opposite worlds, Koko, you with the snow and me in the desert! Do you have to heat the water before you put it out??!!? It sounds very dear. 🙂

  24. You did great! 🙂 We collected seeds from last year from arugula & from some flowers & from cilantro too. We, my husband & I are new to gardening in the full ground. So, I can update you later in the year! 😉

    • I’d love to know how your garden is growing. I have both in raised beds and ground this year. The soil here is such a challenge as it’s mostly clay! I’m collecting seeds now from cilantro. I’m letting a couple lettuce bolt again. This type of lettuce really grows beautifully! I haven’t grown any flower from seeds. I’ve always just grown veggies. I need to grow flowers too! What flowers have you grown from seed? Great to see you here Sophie.

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