DIY Dog Bed Easy as 1-2-3

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Thinking outside the box can be really fun when creating pet beds. This one is made out of a bass drum.  (My son’s very first drum set when he was five!) He didn’t want to get rid of it so he donated it to my many causes…Stay tuned for what I’ve done to the rest of his drum kit!

So what I did here was simply take off one of the heads and added a pillow.  Her blanket was in the washer at the time, but you get the idea.  Lay something soft down and your pup will know what to do! Not only do I find all my dogs loving this bed (except for the great dane and that’s because only her head would fit), but the kitties love sleeping in it too!

This drum was lovingly refinished, sanded and stained by my son, to allow the natural wood to shine through. You did a fabulous job son!

It’s a conversation starter and looks very stylish anywhere in the home. Get creative…re-think…re-purpose!

What creative ways have you used in making pet beds? Please let me know what you think. Be sure to check back, I have plenty more bed ideas for your furry friends! Paws and kisses…Koko

photo (2)

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33 thoughts on “DIY Dog Bed Easy as 1-2-3

  1. Oh my goodness what a great idea! and you have a very cute puppy (the one you posted i mean, im sure the other animals of yours are adorable too!) Im a huge fan of boston terriers, Im a pug owner but in the future I will have a Boston.

    • I think there’s a glitch in the system as I’ve been trying to respond…so I might be repeating myself hahaha. I was saying…the Boston is an old girl. Even though she’s slowed down some when I toss her ball, she’s like a puppy again! You’d love a Boston. They have a lot of character. Thank you for commenting. I really do appreciate it. Have an awesome rest of the week! 🙂

    • Aww thank you! She is such a good girl. Always have been well behaved. She will be 14 this year! Please come back to see what I do to the rest of the drum kit! Have a great day!!!!

      • I’ll definitely be staying tuned. & how sweet is that!! My family dog turned 17 on Feb. 6th! She’s a wiener dog named Beefy, haha. I just got a new puppy who’s such a sweet boy too. Dogs are the absolute best!

      • Precious Beefy! I just got a new pup too! It’s a boy! I’ve never had boys before. His name is Evan and he’s super smart and so chill. He goes to work with my daughter and lays on her desk all day! Very well behaved! Agreed…dogs are the best!

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