Shine On Award!


Getting to know us:

Thank you Luca of  for nominating me.  I’ve been nominated for several of these and have never really known how they work, where they started, who started them.  Also I’ve seen how many don’t want to receive them, so I’ve never gone farther than to say thank you for the nomination.  I don’t want to upset anyone for giving them something they clearly don’t want.  But this was sent with sincerity and so I felt compelled to go forward with it.  So if I send you a nomination and you don’t want it…please just ignore.  I just wanted you to know I’ve thought enough of you to nominate you 😉

Get to know us:

For this award I am supposed to share 7 things about myself…

  1. The time of year I love best is autumn.
  2. I seem to have a connection with animals.
  3. I care too much.
  4. I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.
  5. Sitting idle is not something you’ll find me doing.
  6. Being outdoors makes me happy.
  7. I am never bored.

Should you accept; the instructions are as follows:
– Put the logo on the front of the post Award
– Return the name of the blog that you named at the beginning of the post
– State 7 things about ourselves
– Nominate 15 bloggers for this award and put the link of their blog
– these bloggers to notify the nomination

And here are the nominees.  (Keep in mind I am trying to remember who hates receiving these and will try not to ….well you get it.)

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