Ambiance lighting done simply!

photo 1

Lighting doesn’t have to be expensive. A few of these around the house can really add some fun and intimate lighting. As you can see here…all this is, is a large jar with a string of white lights stuffed into it. My favorite is the white lights. I have them pretty much year round, but during holidays, it’s fun to put in purple lights or orange or pink! They are on my mantle as you see here. I also have a couple on top of tall bookshelves and it really adds a nice touch. Makes for great night lights for guests that need to find their way to the kitchen or to the bathroom during the middle of the night. Have fun with it! It’s like fireflies in a jar!

picstitch (13)

Even in the bathroom!

45 thoughts on “Ambiance lighting done simply!

  1. Love it!😍 I actually did the same thing with my white Christmas lights after I packed up the tree. I bought some glass vases from the dollar store and filled them with the lights too. I just love the glow it gives off. Great post!

  2. That looks fabulous Koko! What a great idea. Warning – blonde question coming….. how do you plug them in? I see a small cord coming out of one jar on your mantle, but can’t see a cord in the bathroom pics. Is it battery-operated?

    • All questions are great questions 😀 They all have a plug. The one in the bathroom blends in very well. Each jar is made up of one long string of lights. What I love about these is I could stuff all the “light” parts in the jar and there still was plenty of cord to reach the outlet. Good to see you here. Hope your Friday is fabulous!

    • Very romantic! ❀ This is so easy and you can use different colors and use them for parties or whatever! Very fun! Nice to see you here France. Thank you for all your support with your thoughtful comments! Take care of yourself!❀

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