Self Imposed Time-Out!


I’m a bad, bad, putty-tat!

My little demon kitty, I mean my little angel…I caught her like this.  She must have done something that I have yet to find out about and decided she better put herself in time-out before I did!  It was too cute to pass up!

What funny thing does your little creature do?

26 thoughts on “Self Imposed Time-Out!

    • Thank you! Around her eyes it looks as though she has eyeliner lining one eye and the other she forgot…or perhaps she thought she’d be edgy and leave one bare! She is a cheeky little thing! 😉

      • My money’s on she was being edgy and left one bare! Would love to see her edgy makeup in a post sometime. 🙂

    • Thank you! She’s my sweet baby. Calm only when she is too tired to meow for me to play with her. She yells at me to play fetch! And she is quite good at fetching. I never thought having a cat kitty could be so much fun 😀

  1. If I lay down and watch tv, then my cat always lays down on my chest. She doesn’t bother that her head is in front of the tv….there goes my chill evening again with just one eye that finds a glimp of the tv ☺️.

    • I totally get that! Yeah one of my kitties likes to sit in front of the t.v. as if to say, “Hey, look at me! Aren’t I gorgeous?” Hahahaha. Glad to have you at atkokosplace! ❀Koko

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