Autumn is near…

Autumn is near, I can see it in the fall of the leaves.  I get excited as I arm myself with a rake.  Big piles of golden brown leaves almost as high as I am tall!  I gather them up eagerly as a squirrel gathers up his nuts.  Standing back I see mounds of happiness as it makes me wanna jump.  No one is watching.  I dive in!  I am a kid again.



Are you a fan of Autumn? What’s your favorite time of the year/why?

37 thoughts on “Autumn is near…

  1. There are three autumn leaves that I hope that I will get to see one day: Maple, oak and ginkgo. I heard that they are very beautiful. 😀

    • They are! WE have them here where I live. I am fascinated with leaves as they change color. And when I see a “sea” of trees changing at the same time, it is such a calming site to me.

      • Please take some photos if you got the time to. 😀
        (and take one of you in the pile of leaves he he he)

      • Hahaha, You are the second person to ask me that. 😉 I usually do the yard work when everyone is at work or at college, so I am alone. However, I hear this weekend it’s supposed to be sunny and beautiful. I will see if I can rustle up some leaves to jump in and have someone take a picture of me! Thank you Hari for always taking the time to comment. I appreciate

  2. Please do not talk about Autumn, that only means Winter is around the corner…oh no the cold, the snow, the shovelling. I can’t stand it anymore….I wish the sun could go on forever!!!! Thanks for depressing me, a little. Have a lovely weekend!

    • Hello Sweet Charlotte! I am doing well thank you for asking! I haven’t been posting as my time isn’t quite my own, but I am staying productive daily and trying my best in keeping up with my followers! You are too kind in asking about me and I truly appreciate that from my heart. Have a beautiful day my dear! ❀ ✿ ❁ ✾

  3. Thank you so much for the likes and follow on My Holistic Table, my other blog (I’m the one who posted amaranth recipes). I regret being unable to build it as hoped, but will try to add to the site between homeschool seasons. I hope the How To Eat page is a useful reference.

    Your joy is evident here. Cheerleading your way.

    • I know how it is to be busy. I home-schooled my two. Thank you so much for your kind words. I am working on a web-site which has added to my busy as you can see I haven’t posted anything recent. But I managed to find a few minutes here and there to see what all my amazing followers are up to! Make time for yourself. It is important! All the best! Koko

  4. Until I read your blog I’d thought that the term ‘Autumn’ was not used on the western side of the Atlantic. In the UK we have ‘Autumn in the garden’ – over there I usually hear of ‘Fall in the yard.’
    Winter is with us now. It is raining hard. I’ve put the car outside to get a free wash.
    Thanks for calling at my page.

    • I don’t know what the “norm” is, but I have always used the word Autumn to describe “fall” time of the year. Though fall is fine too. I like the word Autumn. 😀 It is cold here. Some rain, some snow, some sleet, but mostly just cold. Everything is dormant and I already miss the green. I’ve been making the most of my days by cleaning the yard. I have a big yard, so this takes some time. Putting the car outside in the rain is smart!!!! I’ve been known to soap up the car in the rain and let the “free” shower wash it clean 😉 Thank you Harry for time out to stop by my blog. Have a beautiful day. Stay dry!

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