Sew An Ottoman Cover!

picstitch (15)

Before and after.

I have an old ottoman. The fabric on the lid of it was coming apart and this was on my “to-do” list to recover it… over a year ago!

I chose canvas for this ottoman, as the pillow covers I made to cover the four large sofa pillows were in canvas as well, (another inexpensive find) (color was fine but the fabric attracted pet hair and I am a stickler for keeping things as clean as possible).

I placed fabric around the ottoman to get the right size. Pinned and sewed.

picstitch (18)

My buddy Sherlock is helping me sew.

For the top, I traced the lid and gave myself about 1/4 inch seam allowance.

picstitch (19)

I wanted some interest along the side edges, so what I did was sew a single seam, and then flattened the seam and sewed each edge. (see above picture)

That was it. It wasn’t hard. Just a little imagination. I am NOT a seamstress. I sew as I go. Β Usually I start with an idea in my head and sometimes the amount of fabric dictates what I do. Β This project took well under an hour to do (I had to stop and make dinner. And then wrestle with Sherlock to let me “borrow” the ottoman.) πŸ˜‰

Do you sew? What piece are you most proud of sewing?

Hope this prompts you to bring new life to old pieces.

Re-purpose, Imagine, Create! ❀ Koko

16 thoughts on “Sew An Ottoman Cover!

  1. Great post….love the repurpose …..what if Sherlock made all the work??? Lol….when I was sawing, I always had at least one of my dogs on my feels….sometimes using the pedal as a pillow….how to never get bored….having pets…..

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