No More Kisses!

photo (79)

“Come on Mom, my friends are watching!”

I guess she wanted no part of loving. LOL…It’s incredible to me how much I’ve come to adore this furry little monster.  She’s comical at times, cheeky at best, and loving when only when it’s me and her. If one of her adopted siblings are around, she doesn’t dare snuggle.  She’s off in some hidden place as if to say, “I want mom to myself”.

Today is Monday.  Labor Day here in the United States.  Everyone is supposed to take the day off.  It also signals the end of BBQ season.  In fashion it’s the end of wearing light summer suits for men and the white pants for women.  It’s an interesting custom, one which I don’t practice.  I for one BBQ year round and if I want to wear white in the winter, so be it.

I am off to the market for BBQ things.  I don’t know if I have ever barbecued on Labor Day before.  It just happens the whole family is home and it’s such a beautiful day, grilling just makes sense.  So to you all out there, I hope your day is BBQ beautiful and you are out enjoying it…..Koko❀ ✿ ❁ ✾

5 thoughts on “No More Kisses!

  1. Kiss or no kiss, she is adorable! And as to the fashion, I too completely ignore the “white pant prohibition”. When it’s warm, that’s what I like to use – and I did that also when we lived up north 🙂

  2. What a cute pic! We BBQ’d a lot this summer but will do it less in the fall and winter because it rains a LOT in Vancouver then! We had a beautiful Labour Day weekend, but horrible rain today – makes me feel like pulling out the slow cooker already!

    • Oh do it. I love slow cooked meals…toss it all in one pot and let time do it’s magic! I love that little baby…she really keeps me doing silly things. Hide and seek! She is good at that!

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