A Proper Handshake…Just say no to the limp fish!

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A nice, firm, proper handshake says you are pleased to meet someone, a genuine openness, and it exudes confidence.

A Proper Handshake…Just say no to the limp fish!

One form of etiquette that really bothers me is the “weak” hand shake.  Nothing like shaking hands with what I refer to as a limp fish.  The webbing of your hand (the part between the thumb and index finger) should meet up with the webbing of the person whom you are shaking hands with.  Come into the other persons hand smooth, and steady, until webbing touches webbing.  Then the hand closes around the other persons hand; a firm clasp, and then one pump or two.  Now that my friends is how you shake hands!

photo (71)

This is what happens when the other person grasps too soon. One person webbing touches the others fingers.

photo (68)

Finger tips handshake. Ack!

photo (73)

Only do this if you are going to kiss the other persons hand!

photo (72)

And here again, is how to do a proper handshake. 😀

I was inspired to write this because of — “M” for her post on http://nepaliaustralian.com/2013/08/28/etiquette-for-travelling-like-a-local/ .  Check it out for more awesome etiquette tips.  😀

Are there any etiquette’s you’ve observed people not doing?

I thank my daughter for the photography and my son for his hand modeling! Thanks kids! Muuuwaah! Heart emoticon for facebook  Kiss emoticon for facebook

9 thoughts on “A Proper Handshake…Just say no to the limp fish!

  1. In Indonesia, sometimes people touch the middle of their chests after shaking hands to show respect and endearment. It is a silent way to say “I keep a touch of you in my heart”. 😀

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