Cacao or Cocoa…or Potato or Pa-tah-to…

It’s like saying potato or pa-tah-to…tomato or ta-ma-to…

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Chocolate experts say that cocoa should be pronounced ka-kow. When you hear cacao (ka-kow); that usually is referring to the tree itself, the pods, and the bean inside of the pods. When you hear of cocoa (ko-ko) that is usually referring to the by-product of the cacao bean; which are the cocoa powder and the cocoa butter.

Cacao nibs and cocoa powder both come from “cocoa beans”. The difference is cacao nibs are still in the “raw” state. It hasn’t been cooked or processed, whereas cocoa powder has been cleaned, roasted, and processed.

As for the taste; I just did a taste test…I am probably not a good person to ask this as I can eat both plain and not mind it at all, since I do add both organic cocoa powder as well as organic raw cacao nibs to my yogurt and smoothies. The taste doesn’t come off as unpleasant. But If I had to describe it, I would say both have somewhat “bitter” taste. But again, I don’t mind that at all. I eat a lot of things for the health benefits. And actually now I enjoy the taste of them plain.

I hope this clears up a little about the differences in raw cacao nibs and cocoa/cocoa powder/cocoa butter, all stemming from the same little bean. 😀

13 thoughts on “Cacao or Cocoa…or Potato or Pa-tah-to…

  1. Okay now it’s very clear. But do they taste the same? the raw vs processed? is there a difference in taste? Thanks for explaining this to me. Have a lovely Sunday.

    • They both have somewhat the same taste. Though I wouldn’t eat a spoonful of cocoa powder right off the spoon as I would pop some nibs in my mouth. 🙂 The raw has more health benefits than the processed. But as for the taste, they are sorta similar in the way that both have that underlying bitterness you had mentioned earlier. And as I’ve said, I’ve used both in say; oatmeal, and have enjoyed both. Hope that helps a little 😉

      • Ha ha thanks so much for being so patient. I shall look for and taste Cacao Nibs. I am sure I’ll find them. Have a wonderful week!

      • I love helping people. Your questions were very welcomed. It spawned another post which I have you to thank for. 😀 Keep the questions coming; really. I don’t mind at all. You have a wonderful week as well. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some rain.

    • If I was doing a blind taste test; yes I can tell the difference. With the obvious being one is crunchy. I am sure I can tell the difference if the cacao nibs were crushed. But if you are trying to decipher how cacao nibs would taste through tasting “cocoa powder” then I would say yes there is an underlying sameness in a “bitter” taste, as both are not sweetened. If you were to eat them both with sugar, your feelings would probably change as you would NOT make chocolate cookies with cocoa powder in it and NO sugar. It would be a bitter cookie or not a pleasant tasting cookie. I don’t eat much sugar so maybe the cocoa cookie without sugar would still be fine for me, hahaha.

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