Kissing Frogs! Erm…Toads


Prince Charming!

photo (49)

An American toad came to visit me in my garden!  What a treat!  I squealed like a little girl seeing this cutie.  The only difference between then and now is I didn’t put it in my pocket!

photo (51)

Can you see him smile?

photo (50)

I love him; warts and all!

Technically toads are frogs, but here are some differences between the two. Frogs have smooth skin and are usually found near water. They also are good jumpers. Frogs have mad hops! 😉

Toads have dry bumpy/wart like skin. They are not usually found near water and their jumps are short and choppy.

They both are amphibians. Amphibians are cold-blooded.

“Take the time to look; to see things that are meant to be unseen.  Surprises are everywhere if you just take the time to look.”   Peace, Koko

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9 thoughts on “Kissing Frogs! Erm…Toads

  1. Okay, I am not trying to “kill the mood” of the post but I need to ask the big question:
    Which one is the edible one? Toad or Frog? I once heard that bullfrog is actually a big toad…

    • Frogs are the edible ones. Toad secrete a poison through their skins so they are a no no. And the bullfrog is an aquatic frog, of which is where we get our tasty frog legs from. (though I don’t eat frog, just what I’ve heard) Though other types of frogs are eaten, the bullfrog gives the largest amount of meat. 🙂 No mood kill; great questions. 😀

      • Ah, I get it now.
        Thank you for explaining!
        I love bull-frog but I am not sure if it is wise to blog about it ha ha ha. Might seem a bit too exotic!
        The locals in my town cook bullfrog in rice porridge for mommies who just give births. They believe that the dish can repair the expanded skin and prevent stretchmarks.

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