Sole survivors, what’s living on the bottom of your shoes?

Sole survivors, what’s living on the bottom of your shoes?

Taking off shoes in the home.  It’s something I’ve done all my life.  I never thought it was strange not to.  Made sense to me.

The bottom of shoes are dirty.  We walk outside in them on dirty pavement, in parking lots where it’s anyone’s guess whats on the ground, not to mention whats on the floor of a public bathroom.  Anywhere we go we potentially pick up what someone or something has left on the ground.  All that ick we pick up on the bottom of our shoes is just a feasting frenzy for bacteria to chow down on and grow.

Now walk around your home with shoes on and picture depositing micro germs, lead, pollen, animal feces, E. coli—oh my, and much, much more, everywhere you step.  Now picture your baby crawling around on the floor, hmmmm.  Or how about you laying on the floor having a little snuggle time with your significant other, hmmmm.  If you have carpet, well that’s perfect storage grounds for all that bacteria and toxins and well… do I really need to repeat the hundreds of thousands of organisms that can be found on the bottom of shoes?!  Is your tummy feeling icky?  Do your eyes burn?  How are your lungs?  Yeah, I’m not fond of catching anything either.

In my household we take our shoes off at the door.  I vacuum at least once a day and mop about 2-3 times a week.  Even after all that, I am sure there are germs lurking on the floor, but I do what I can, and it is all I can do.

I am cognizant of the no-shoes-in-the-house thing, as I go to other people’s homes.  I automatically look for a pile of shoes or simply ask if that is their “house rules”.  Maybe because I’ve done it all my life I don’t mind kicking off my shoes.

Everyone has their own “rules” or how they’d like to live their lives; shoes on-shoes off.  I don’t ask or force anyone to take their shoes off when entering my home.  I just know when they leave, I get out the mop! 🙂

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