Gardening at Chest Level! (It’s only chest high if you are short like me.)

Gardening at Chest Level! (It’s only chest high if you are short like me.)

I have a garden bed outside my back door that I’ve been cultivating into a herb garden.  That was two years ago.  Let me explain about the bed first.  It isn’t really the typical “bed” on the ground per say, but raised.  Really raised.  You see, there is a giant hill behind the house and when it rains, the run off slowly erodes the hill.  Not wanting to lose any plants to the erosion I had to figure out a way to preserve the area, as well as delineate a space that was “backyard”.  Also I needed something to keep my critters inside the yard; aka dogs.  So a wall was built.  Yep by us.  Our property has a ton of rock that make for some nice landscaping, (the ones you can move). The pro and con to having giant boulders just below the surface: The pro being if it was in the right place, it could really add to the landscape; digging around the rock and exposing parts of it.  The con is they could be in places you don’t want a giant boulder!  Okay so these massive stones made designing a bit of a challenge, however when the wall was built, the bends and curves made it all the more interesting and appealing to the eye.  The wall could be built at any height.  It needed to be high enough to keep the land from moving, but low enough for my plan to grow a garden along it.  Luckily, both were accomplished.  Back to the garden bed… Actually a picture might be way easier than explaining. 🙂


There’s a lot of mint in there.  It’s taken over the bed.  I don’t mind since I make a lot of things with mint in it.  (I even like to chew on the leaves when I’m outside gardening.) I know that mint grows runners, and those runners can get out of control, so planting them in a “rock” surround seemed like a good idea.  And so far, growing them in that space has really contained them well.  I am still in the baby stages of learning about plants, insects, what grows with what, what grows in my “zone”, and when to grow it all.  I’m looking forward to learning and hopefully get some tips from you all!  Would love to hear all your expertise! 😀 Here’s to smart spaces with walls and happy gardening! Hugs, Koko

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